Sunday, June 01, 2014


Capped in 20 minutes.

When I heard that Blizzard was applying a ten day Valor buff, game wide, late last week, I can't say I was particularly surprised (even if many of us had assumed this buff was for the Black Prince's Legendary Questline.) Irvine may persist with the notion that their operating focus does not rotate around other games and releases, but *really* we were all expecting something this weekend, because if I'm playing Wildstar then I'm certainly not alone in deflecting focus away from Azeroth. I'd kind of hoped for a working Alpha client, but the patch on Thursday made it abundantly clear the game still is not ready. There's too much missing from Garrisons for them to stick it out for testing, though this is closer than we've been at any point since March and the initial release of data. I'll be updating the Garrisons Blog later today with what we received not simply from the dedicated post last week but the Alpha push. Ironically I picked up only one thing of note from that entire article (Garrisons will have an Outpost in every zone) so it is this week's Blog which, at least for me, is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

That is, assuming we get one this week, and that is hardly a given.

So, what's the point in choosing the Sparring Arena? :P

There will be a To Build a Home feature tomorrow, because I have a fair few questions to ask, and for a blog that's supposed to be explaining rationale behind the feature, it's not really doing the job as well as it could.In fact, the longer we go on without the ability to robustly break repeatedly test this part of the plan, the more I'll have questions instead of answers. This might, of course, be part of the greater scheme of things, its still too early to tell. Yes, I know. PATIENCE.

Honestly, are we there yet?

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