Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Many Rivers to Cross


Lesser Charms of Good Fortune could almost be held up as a metaphor for the entire Pandaran Expansion: a really good idea when we started, but now perhaps less so. Considering I can only spend 90 a week, it perhaps isn't a surprise they are now piling up in my Currency tab at a rate of knots. Grinding them is insanely easy if you farm Pet Battles to boot, so I don't have to worry about dragging lesser alts around the Timeless Isle either for Bonus Roll chances from Ordos and the Celestials (providing me with another of the two-for-one deals I love so much.) I'm not here therefore to complain they're Soulbound, or that I should be able to pass them around my alts. My concern is that, especially for players that are coming to the game for the first time, offering them as a 'reward' for Pet Battling when you can't actually buy ANYTHING with them of value to a Battler seems... well, a bit off.

In fact their only use, being for Bonus Rolls, seems to make a bit of a mockery of the flexibility of the game.

Deceptively heavy word.

I am well aware the use of Tokens is going to change with Warlords, However, with that being quite a way away, it might be useful to help players, especially those coming to Pet Battling as a 'thing to do' while waiting for the Expansion. Providing people with Rare Battle Stones, for instance (90 Charms per stone seems reasonable) would be a great way for players to take advantage of a stack of currency to help build a Pet Team for Warlords. It shouldn't take a massive amount of work in game to make it happen either, and would allow existing players a measure of flexibility in their levelling strategies. For those of us who only need to use Bonus Rolls in Instances for pet drops, for instance, it would be a great secondary use for a Currency which is otherwise effectively useless.

There is a potential downside, of course, and that is that unscrupulous individuals with massive piles of Charms could use this to flood the AH market with L25 pets. I suppose it would depend on the work required, but if the stones could only be used on Wild Pets (i.e., the ones not tradeable) then this would solve that problem also at a stroke. I suppose it would depend on how much work Devs were prepared to do on existing content to begin with, but we have seen with the Siege that there are changes that can be implemented even though the content itself remains largely unchanged. In that case, consider this me asking the question of possibility, and seeing if anything might happen on that front as a result.

After all, if you don't ask, you never know.


dobablo said...

I think the turn-in is 50 charms per week.

It might work if they stuck with the lucky theme and offer battle stones that transform a pet into a random quality (grey/white/green/blue) and still do the standard delevelling for >L15 pets. That should limit the number of L25 blues suddenly hitting the market by a small amount.

Tell you what, let's go crazy. Each lucky pet stone changes all of the following:
Quality: Unchanged, poor, normal, average, rare
Levels: +1, Unchanged, -2, -5
Health: Heal/damage 500 health.
Temp Other: Increase pet size, sparkle, shrink.

Add requirements for the pet to be L6+ and alive before you can use the stone and you prevent the market from getting flooded with cheap L25 blues.

On a slightly related topic, why aren't pet bandages craftable via first aid?

Grimmtooth said...

I don't really get how people using the stones to acquire pets to sell on the open market is "unscrupulous", myself. Maybe if more tokens were required, it would make it less ... offensive?

But people that have spent many days doing whatever it takes to get the tokens (and let's be real, finding lint in your pocket is worth a fiver in MoP) should be able to spend them how they see fit without concern for their reputation amongst the AH or battle pet purists, I would think.

Surely someone that spends some time on the AH realizes that everything has value to somebody. If someone can get 1000G for Garrosh Hellscream's laundry basket, good on them. If people will pay that much money for a thing, maybe the seller's not solely deserving of scorn. We wouldn't sell if you wouldn't buy, amirite?

@dobablo - great idea on the bandages. Somebody should jot that down!