Monday, June 02, 2014

This Week I Will Be Mostly :: Lazy

I feel a massive disturbance in the Force...

The next two weeks will be important for many, many things.

Personally speaking, I can see a lot going on around me. Quite apart from a renewed interest in Hearthstone, Diablo 3, Wildstar AND Sim City there is plenty to do in Warcraft now that we have a game-wide 'We're Not Trying to Encourage You To Play HONEST' buff. Then there's the massive non-gaming overhaul of stuff I could do with instigating on the Website and elsewhere. In fact, if I let it I could be easily overwhelmed with a bunch of stuffs but there is frankly no time for anything other than a bunch of PROPER ORGANISATION because coming back from Holiday means I am refreshed, recharged and READY TO GET STUFF DONE.

Let's start with the easy things, shall we?

And THIS is why we love Hunters :D

I have decided, having played some Hearthstone on holiday, that I would like to experiment with something *other* than just a Hunter deck. As a result I'll be levelling the rest of my heroes in the next few weeks and doing some digging for ideas. Paladin and Shaman look interesting currently but I will be exploring all options. Needless to say, considering how anti I was of the entire exercise to begin with this demonstrates a significant about-face for me, but the fact remains I enjoy the concept from a Warcraft standpoint. A lot of the comprehension comes from the fact I'm playing a 'version' of Warcraft in another format, something Blizzard are doing their best to exploit all over the shop. I don't have a problem with this, quite the opposite. I am even considering using some real money for cards, for the first time ever. Needless to say, I'll tell you how it goes.

Yo, homies.
Then there is Wildstar. I will be levelling this week, if only to get my character to a level where I can access my Housing because I'd like to be able to do a C&C between this and Garrisons when Warcraft finally gets its arse in gear is ready for testing. Also, I really like the questing. It isn't because its new or I am relatively OP as a Tank (and can pull 3 or 4 things at once), it is because, actually, the game is really rather enjoyable. I've seen people complaining that levelling to 50 is a pain, that it is too much work to get to the 'good stuff'. Odd, I thought the entire point of games was to actually *PLAY* them which involves going on a JOURNEY from one point to another and not just turning up and expecting everything to be there for you. There appears to be a widening gulf between those who think the Console Mentality is *all that* and those of us prepared to invest ourselves in an endeavour. I'm suspecting these people also think this bike is attractive:

I'm sorry, but this isn't a bike, its ridiculous. I'm really glad this entire 'competition' thing is over, but I am well aware that certain arguments rumble onwards, as well they should. Needless to say, some of us have VERY long memories. We are watching with interest to see what happens next, and I'm not just talking about this bike being available in digital form for the winning faction. Yeah, and I'm sorry for being negative when so many people clearly enjoyed the thing but wouldn't have the time and money been better used doing something.. you know, actually worthwhile?

Having upset a section of my readership, I suspect it is high time to go and get started with the week. Needless to say, expect a lot of words :D

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catinglasses said...

If it has treads, it's not a bike, it's a snowmobile.. If they'd put wheels on it, I might be more interested.