Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fade to Grey

Why yes, YES I WOULD. Your point is?

Yesterday, someone I didn't know passed away. That's why Mr Fassbender's here.

Okay, I'll explain.

I knew River mostly from Twitter. He was a decent, honest human being. He liked the more scantily-clad body type on his web pages too. His type of woman didn't really do anything for me, but I loved to read his stuff, and so I did. He entered the contest I ran for the Wildstar codes last week and won, and so over the weekend I DM-d him with the good news:

And that was the first (and last) conversation away from Twitter we ever had. I presume he never played Wildstar, or indeed the Alpha Client he was invited into.

It is a salutatory reminder, if it were needed, that life just stops sometimes, and we should take every opportunity it presents us with. That's why, as a tribute River's love for the scantily clad, a number of Bloggers decided to use their favourite undressed humans as visual tributes, which is why I'm now having impure thoughts about what's under the nice blue sheets and if Michael Fassbender was ever passing... the point is, it is all about what you do with your life that matters, and this man lived his particularly well. He was hugely well liked, very popular and the Facebook Group that's been formed to celebrate his life is really very inspiring indeed. He has clearly touched a great many people's lives and this, frankly is the kind of decent guy you want to do the full run, because that's how it should work.

So, I've done the one thing I think I can in this situation: I wrote a letter to Blizzard and told them this is the kind of person that deserves an in-game memorial, because he was. Just your typical, average player: nothing special if you didn't know him, but the world to the very many people who obviously did. These are the people who deserve to be celebrated.

River made me think about a lot of things. He will be really very sadly missed :(

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marathalbt said...

I did not really know him either. He was one of many WoW players I follow on Twitter and that follow me. I have probably had a few interactions with him. Always a sad day when someone passes with so much life yet to live.

It just reinforces to me that regardless of how mad or aggravated people may make us feel daily, we should all try our best to be good to each other. Tomorrow they may be gone and our final words will be the last chance we have to interact with them.