Friday, June 27, 2014

BETA :: This is Hardcore

You heard the Tree!

In a move that will now have statisticians running away to start calculating when the Expansion proper may be released, Warlords will go from Alpha to Beta today, and the waves of invites are already arriving. The client has changed overnight from 18481 overnight to 18482, and there's been a wipe of premades from the Server, meaning I'll have to start my adventures again from scratch at 90. Of course, this meant my first order of business was AGAIN to go to the Black Temple and grab myself the Hydra of Choice.

Another girl, another Hydra

Stormwind's the busiest I've seen it for some time (unsurprisingly) and I applaud the use of 'veterans' for invites because Trade Chat was more readable than I've seen it for many, many years. People matter, folks, never forget that. Oh yeah, and then there's that giant guy in the Trade District, sure he wasn't there last time either...

Nobody steps on a Mage in MY town!

Needless to say, there are some fairly serious stability issues currently that are not likely to be made any better by a massive influx of players, so I'd expect the servers to go down again later in anticipation of 'formal' launch. There will also be, for you PvP people out there, a dedicated L100 server where you can go beat the crap out of each other and see how much fun it is. I'm actually quite tempted to give this a go if I get the time.

The question then remains: if we have a 5 month beta, that's the game set to launch during November and Blizzcon? Will Blizzard aim for release the week of Warcraft's 10th Anniversary?

We're looking for a Goblin currently who'll take that bet...

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Gen said...

Woot - Beta invite in this vet's inbox too...

See you there :D