Saturday, June 28, 2014

BETA :: Strange and Beautiful

Purple boat, purple boooooat....

Today's Beta post was going to be a lot more complicated than this, but my utter inability to stay in the Client longer than five minutes without lagging horrendously and being dumped out has caused something of a change of plan. I hope all the people I see swanning about on Elegon mounts are actually testing stuff and not treating the game as a demo, because frankly there are some of us who'd actually like to provide feedback that's useful. However, there's a lot that needs fixing and that was the case BEFORE a bunch of new people turned up... but I digress. I'm here to talk about in game 'treasure', and the fact that all across Shadowmoon (and presumably every other zone I'll eventually get to visit) you're going to encounter random items like the boat up here. They have a distinctive purple aura (assuming you have the feature on and it doesn't offend your immersive sensibilities.) Open them up, and you'll find a chance not only of Treasure, but of Garrison Resources.

Free dead Draenei with every chest ^^

These items function in exactly the same way as the Treasures of Pandaria: once you've looted one, they vanish from your 'game' and you can't loot them again on that character. I know this because I tried to go get another picture of this chest (without its unfortunate guardian) and its gone forever on my 90. That means there'll be the opportunity to track these as time goes on, so you can probably relax in the knowledge that someone's already considering this and there'll be an Addon for it not long after the game releases.

Bring out your dead! ^^

Garrison Resources will play a major part in the construction of that feature and collecting any spare that are lying about is not a bad shout. I'm not sure what else these purple items will yield (apart from the comedy Starfish) but if I find anything interesting in my travels as I progress, I'll let you know. Needless to say, I'm now keeping sharp eyes open for purple hues on inanimate objects. It's one reason not to turn that feature off just yet...

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