Thursday, June 26, 2014

#WCOW14 :: Today's Fixtures, June 26th

And we've reached the end of the Group Stages of games in the World Cup of Warcraft. Come back tomorrow where we'll have all the final groups, and details of who has made it into the last 16 :D

Each 'game' of the Campaign will play in 'real time' to coincide with events outside Azeroth (you know what I'm talking about :D) Twitter and Facebook will link to this page, and Voting will be open until 9am TOMORROW MORNING to give people more time to support their favourites :D


Vote for the Team you would like to win. 

Underneath each game is a link to a Poll. Please click on this to cast your vote.

At the end of the Voting period, the team with the most votes will be awarded the three points for a win. If votes, when tallied, are within 5% of each other, the game will be declared a draw and each team will be awarded one point each.

Results will be added to this post after each game has been concluded. Remember to vote for your team!

Results for these games are as follows:

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