Thursday, June 26, 2014

ALPHA :: Notes from a Small Island 25/06

Early mornings do me in, OFFICIAL, and I'm probably still not that awake even at lunchtime, truth be told. However, there is still STUFF TO DO because as you may have noticed, we have Alpha back. I started off in Stormwind this morning, and I'm actually rather glad I did, because it gave me a chance to stop and think.

Inspired addition.

There are an INSANE number of quality of life additions to the Expansion, this being only one of them. Being able to separately select graphic settings for raids is really a stroke of genius, and makes a huge amount of sense for those people who just want to reduce the amount of crap they have to look at in stressful situations.

However, I will admit to being more interested in the other thing I discovered in the Bank:


I'll never need a gathering bag again. I can probably lose a Bankalt, possibly two. The possibilities for reorganisation are, frankly, ENDLESS, especially as most raw materials will stack to 200 come the Expansion. This fact alone is so awesomely huge my brain cannot as yet cope with the consequences, so it has sensibly moved onto better things. There's also a metric crapton of Garrisons stuff I need to get my brain around too, because suddenly an awful lot of subtle things have happened inside by new feature that I'd kindof hoped were going to but didn't look as if they'd been thought of before. Now I'm wondering if the Alliance version was just better made than the Horde one, and they need to catch up. I'll have to consider that at length.

Look where you logged out ^^

There's one honking huge change I want to mention at this point: the Adventure Journal that was mentioned at Blizzcon is back, and it shows what has changed in game since you last logged on. I am now wondering if this means that this 'graphic' is the one you'll see when you log into 6.1 for the first time, or whether this might actually be 6.0. Of course, it could just be a placeholder, but part of me is REALLY hoping they give us the Inventory changes BEFORE the Expansion goes live because quite frankly it is going to take me three months to reorganise my bags anyway. Who cares about stat squishes and DPS I NEED BAG SPACE DAMMIT.

I also need to think about Garrisons more. BECAUSE REASONS.


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