Thursday, June 12, 2014

ALPHA: Notes from a Small Island 12/06

The Jury is deliberating...

The screenie I *was* going to kick off with for this feature... well, I realised after I posted it on Twitter, it might be considered as a spoiler, because... well, I'm already torn, and I've not yet made it to the end of my first paragraph. As we know this person is in the Expansion, and this isn't actually a plot development per se... I think the fact WoW Insider borrowed this screenie and used it for the lead image in today's Queue probably means I'm worrying too much. Tell you what, I'll use the version where you can't see who it is we're talking about because their name isn't highlighted, and we'll leave it at that.

Just don't look at his staff too closely, k? :P

Nothing to see here, move along.

This guy's appearance means there's been changes to the Alpha after the latest update. Work Orders now actually work, there's new people in the Garrison, some others have vanished. We have confirmation there'll be an Alliance version to play with next patch, which makes me unreasonably excited. There's been an enormous change too, Materials are HISTORY:

Snappy Title there, Blizzard.

I think I preferred the old title but people need to be absolutely 100% clear they are gathering RESOURCES FOR THEIR GARRISON. I really hope however they can come up with a better title: I think I'd take Spoils of War as a preferred option, but that too might be open to misinterpretation. Who knows, they probably have TOP PEOPLE on this as I type.

Its Not Ready yet ^^

I went exploring a bit today, and I found places where, quite obviously, stuff is still being built, even in the starting area. What is abundantly apparent, every time I enter this game, is that it is still under construction. That's really not a problem either, because as I proceed nothing upsets my enjoyment. I haven't found anything frustrating or annoying, that I've avoided doing. Everything engages, I know what to expect. What has been a genuine surprise is how NPC's react when you fight them. It's no longer a static experience with many mobs. Hunters, for instance, use Deterrence to escape from you, and pets attempt to taunt you after they have charged. This is a big change, and very subtle, and belies the fact that clearly an awful lot has changed under the skin of the game world. I for one approve of all of these changes.

As I may get my focus shifted to the Alliance soon, I wanted to start making screenies of as much of the Alpha Horde Garrison experience as I could. This is the spot that you begin with, before the Garrison arrives, and I think it is a poignant reminder that this is supposed to be an evolutionary journey that feels and plays out as any other story would. This is your beginning. Remember it well, because this is supposed to be something particularly epic, and it is really beginning to feel like exactly that.

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