Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ALPHA: Notes from a Small Island 10/06

Today, I went and found myself a new Follower for my Garrison:

I knew I recognised him...

I was aware that I wasn't making any progress because I'd failed to locate any followers 'in the wild' and so I went to look for quests. Finding Rala, who I recognised from the Alpha data, made me realise I was on the right track. Bringing him back has kickstarted my Garrison into life, allowing me to create the materials I need to start producing the Alchemy 'currency.' Later today I should be able to make things :D I'm still hopelessly behind on my Guide too, there'll be some concerted effort on that later today. This is what happens when I get distracted by Questing.


What you don't get a real sense of initially is just how large this Zone actually is, and it's huge. The fact you can't fly around it just makes that feeling even greater, and has meant several deaths when I've realised I can't just run through populated areas. This is really going to hurt those people who have come to rely as flying as an escape mechanism, and it's BLOODY MARVELLOUS. As I headed north from Bladespire Fortress above it became more and more obvious how Blades Edge Mountains was formed from this land over time. I hadn't realised this until Alex Ziebart from WOW Insider pointed it out to me.



What you don't realise until you fight them, is how much the new models have changed the way Orcs move and sound. It isn't like they weren't beautiful before, but now there is a natural grace to both sexes that simply didn't exist before. I have to congratulate the Art Department for the work they've done on this, and I SO want my Hunter in the Alpha so I can see how Dwarves now move and feel. It'll happen, I know, and when it does, you'll be able to hear me squeeing for MILES. I may yet go make a L1 Dwarf and start again, JUST BECAUSE I CAN :D Anyway, I digress, because I wanted to highlight the spear this Orc lass is wielding. It is beautiful, and I'd like one please, because perilously few white-based spears exist in game at present. FEED MY INNER MOGGER.


I met the Canyon Icemother up north, another Elite that was more difficult than a lot of dungeon boss encounters I've run over the years: constant add spawn and two types of AOE to avoid. This is one of what Wowhead are listing as a 'Vignette' (as in a mini-story all on its own) and there is an examinable corpse nearby that explains what the reward item will be (NO SPOILING) However, this does count towards an achievement (The Frostwind Slayer) so I'm wondering if every Zone will have this many rares/elites to pick off over time. Should keep people busy between Raiding :P

I'm deliberately not massively immersing myself in things and trying to digest everything in small, sensible chunks this time around. I'm finding, as a result both exploration and questing to be an extremely satisfying experience. Now, If I could only get them to finish this Quest so I can turn it in... :D


When they reset all this I'm going to have to start a new Garrison. OH THE DRUDGERY ^^


TheGrumpyElf said...

Thanks for the updates on garrisons. I am looking forward to them a great deal myself, even more than new zones or new levels or new raids,and think they will be great fun.

I hope they stick with the idea that followers can come from anywhere. Maybe you just have not gotten lucky enough to run into those wild ones yet, or maybe they are just not in the starting zones. I hope they did not just remove that part of it. Can't wait to find out.

Hate to be "that" guy, but I did have a bone to pick with one line you said. However, both your opinion and my opinion are our own and we are entitled to them but could not resist sharing mine.

"This is really going to hurt those people who have come to rely as flying as an escape mechanism, and it's BLOODY MARVELLOUS"

Most people did not rely on flying as an escape mechanism, they relied on it as a travel mechanism that allowed them to spend more time playing and less time traveling.

While I don't think I will mind not flying because I am a hunter and I can kill as I move, I don't think it will be "bloody marvellous" that people that only have an hour or two to play the game will have to spend all that time traveling and fighting instead of, you know, playing.

There are a lot of great reasons for there to be no flying but I do not believe that spending more time traveling and less time playing is one of those good arguments for no flying.

Alternative Chat said...

Sorry, but I completely disagree about the travelling. You miss so much in the air, it will force people to play and actually engage mobs, and it will make them either better players overall or it will make them learn to travel more effectively.

Frankly I wish they'd never given us flying in TBC to begin with.

Navimie said...

Godmother I am enjoying these alpha notes :)

Manech said...

Some nights when I was sick or just in pain and unable to sleep I' d log into Azeroth on my Druid and do nothing but fly in the beautiful skyboxes Blizz designed. I understand your PoV and agree with you and Mr. Elf's viewpoints but man I will miss the simple joy of spending quiet times up on the clouds above the conflicts and cares of the savage lands.

historypak said...

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