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ALPHA :: Notes from a Small Island 08/06

I am aware that a few Alpha streamers are doing the equivalent of a 'Screenshot of the Day' from Draenor on their sites. I deceided I couldn't decide on just one screenshot, so I'm going to start this occasional series where I pick up a bunch of things that catch my interest as I move around the zones and do 'stuff.' This is particularly trying at present because of the screenshot issue which means I only get TGA files, but I'll make the effort JUST FOR YOU. I'll be very careful not to post spoilers for actual plot points however, so you should be reasonably safe digesting everything that is here.


Depth to your Storyline.

There are a great many Rares to be killed in Frostfire, and a number of 'events' of the type you'll be used to on the Timeless Isle. One particular event rewards the following trinket:

I won't spoil what happens in this event, but you're sent to loot a chest after it completes, inside which is the item plus this letter:

This attention to detail makes me smile and makes me sad all at once. It is a reminder that every NPC has a story, and they are all as important as the one you create for yourself. It also an acknoledgement of an interesting family relationship I think we could do with far more of in game.

Another wonderful example of this is the Flight Master at the Darkspear Outpost, who is clearly trying to keep his Wyverns warm with a torch:

It is these little touches that make you realise just how important story remains to Blizzard, even if many of us initially dismissed the 'Back to the Future' nature of the initial storyline.

A Work in Progress.

You are constantly reminded how much of a work in progress this game is. Engaging a certain rare this morning dumped me out of the game repeatedly. Sound is quite clearly broken in many places. Then there are moments of pure facepalm:

You just copy/pasted, didn't you? ^^

Proof, if it were needed, that the new Mining model is, indeed, an exact copy of the Herbalism one. Remind me to get a premade 90 to learn Skinning :P I know when this 'bug' is fixed that we're making progress. This what it SHOULD look like :D

There is currently a Mining world drop recipe that allows you access to this. Not sure as yet whether you can actually learn the ability from a Trainer. Someone remind me to go look the next time I'm streaming :D

Everything can Change.

Could be a rare today, WHO KNOWS.

People are reporting odd behaviour on rares, that some are losing their silver dragon status. It's also confirmed in a Twitch conversation with Rygarius and Muffinus on Twitter that rares drop Materials, which this guy did (in fact I've not seen a rare drop as much as this anywhere else) So, is this guy mis-labelled? Is he a quest target? Am I thinking too much into this feature at the first hurdle? I'll let you answer all of those, I think... :D


Watch out for more in this Occasional series, as I explore the World and DO STUFFS. Have I told you how REALLY VERY EXCITED I am about the Expansion today? :D

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