Thursday, June 05, 2014

ALPHA :: New Shoes

I managed to play the Alpha for 15 minutes last night, and even in that short amount of time one thing became immediately apparent.

This really is a different game from the one I'm currently playing live.

Because of what I know exists in the Alpha Client, there is no Alliance questline to begin. You're restricted to premade characters too, the 4 I copied to the EU realm are currently inaccessible. However, Alternative the Tauren Hunter exists and will be deleted then reborn when I begin streaming later to make me easier to spot if you're lucky enough to be out and about. I won't be revealing any plot spoilers in these posts either, if they occur they'll be sent to my separate site.

There's a bug currently that's preventing screenies being taken, which means everything I documented last night has been lost forever, but I have a decent memory, and this means I can do a lovely bullet point post before we start the day of what immediately sprang out at me:

  • There's a Heroes Call as the first thing you see when you hit the starting point (screenie to come) I dunno if it will remain there, but there's a wonderful 'synopsis' of why you've been sent to this zone to begin with. Which is actually a really good idea. I'm betting I'm the only person who actually read it, though :P

  • ALL QUEST TARGETS are now colour coded, and by that I mean they have an aura around them which really does destroy the cinematic nature of your first few steps into the new land (look, follow Thrall with the Green Cross Man glow ^^) What is immediately apparent from this early 15 minutes is that everything, and I mean EVERY quest target has been made easier to locate. The minimap is now marked with yellow dots for the quest target trees you need, and the specific trees required to chop down have a transparent 'flag' in front of them so you know you're in the right place.

  • Being stat squished doesn't matter one iota if you can't see how much health you have to begin with. That's the advantage of the default UI, ladies and gentlemen.

  • The new models look really lovely.


  • With the first tree you cut down, you start generating the Garrison's construction material. I cannot overstate this enough now, your Garrison 'experience' begins pretty much as the first quest you're involved in. I've seen the various screenies from the data mining sites that show we have at least a basic Interface to play with, and I'll be getting the Garrison as far as it can go today on Twitch to give people an idea of what to expect. You can come and learn with me :D

I'll populate this post with screenies later (as I now have a workaround to create them) and you'll hear when I go live on Twitch. For now, I won't lie: even with the more visually obvious nature of events, I'm already getting excited for what I'll find when I play today properly for the first time :D

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