Sunday, June 22, 2014

ALPHA: Little By Little

Feck Off Shiny Knife, courtesy of MMO Champion

We're still waiting for a hands on in the Alpha, but the traditional data mining outlets have pulled out another bunch of 'interesting' items to give us something to think about in the meantime. Top on the list is this item, which pretty much confirms that you won't be using whole fish any more in your recipes, but only pieces. It also hints at some major changes to the way in which fishing will work in Draenor: I'd strongly suggest everyone reads this article by El at Extreme Anglin' because, as is the case for all other gathering professions, you do not need a maximum skill to catch the indigenous species. The lower your skill only means that you'll catch fish that yield a smaller number of fillets, so this knife will be of interest to everyone. In fact, I'd suspect there'll be a large number of such Quality of Life improvements appearing in the weeks that follow.

Of particular interest to me with my Garrison Hat on are a large number of items that are hinting at Specialisation and augmentation:


Your Quartermaster in the first workable version of the Garrison was nothing more than a seller of blueprints. This flavour text hints that, at least at some point, you will be turning in items to them to improve the standing of your plot. There are basic and upgrade versions of a selection of items in the data files for a wide range of Garrison 'enhancements': Bedding, First Aid, possibly Decoration and various items that could well be used by your 'army' to defend themselves in the event of an attack (which we know is both planned and presumably imminent in Development.) How this works in relation to your Garrison is as yet still a mystery, and we'll be keeping a close eye on what develops once the client is stable again.

Needless to say, with the addition of a large number of placeable buildings on your Plots menu inside the Garrison, things are clearly moving forward with the feature apace.

[EDIT: Many thanks to my Friend @unlimitedBLACK who pointed out there are white 'versions' of each of these items which, when combined with a raw material native to the Garrison (ore, herbs, leather or dust) produce the upgraded versions. He (quite sensibly) suggests these items could well be by-products of your Salvage Yard, which would make a great deal of sense in context. I'd not noticed the items in the datamining, so thank you for the correction :D]


Crow said...

I'm surprised you didn't comment on the white-quality "busted-up" version of each item, which has an on-use effect to combine with some amount of crafting material (herb, ore, leather, or dust).

Personal theory is that you get the white items as mission rewards (maybe specifically from salvage missions?), and once you repair the item with the proper raw materials, the result is either the green or blue version of the item. Handing off the result to your quartermaster likely results in follower equipment, even though it's not really clear how some of these items would really work as equipment.

Alternative Chat said...

@ Crow. Thank you, I hadn't even noticed the items. Post is now amended :D