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So, this morning there was Streaming in Alpha, many screenshots for the Garrisons Blog and the discovery of this Expansion's Fel Reaver. This is the bugger who will sneak up on you and own your ass at low level. Remember the name Stoneripper Magnaron. HE WILL SQUISH YOU PUNY PLAYER. There was quite a lot of other notable stuff too, most significantly related to Professions.

I built my Alchemy Lab this morning, and discovered that the mechanic inside the Garrison does not rotate around learning patters in the 'traditional' manner. To buy these recipes, you require a currency that is unique to the Garrison itself:

You don't gain items any more via a skill level in your Garrison, you need to 'produce' Secrets of the Master Alchemist (which does not as yet appear to exist in game) to buy patterns. I suspect the means by which these are produced are via Work Orders:

It also appears you can assign a specific Garrison Follower (presumably with an Alchemy-specific bonus) who will ensure this material is produced (again I'll assume) at an increased rate. I'd put money on this is how all Professions will work, that this is the basic 'model' that will be followed by all your Professions Buildings inside your Garrison. Until we get anything other than Alchemy to test, I can't tell you, but I can tell you that to create a work order, you'll need the following:


This quest is, probably unsurprisingly, not working. However, I suspect it may have something to do with items you don't have to gather from the world, but that can be derived from your Farm and your Mine inside the Garrison itself. It also probably has more than a little to do with these things in my bags:

In the meantime, take a picture of my Alchemy Lab and START SPECULATING :D

Placeholders ftw :D

If you have any questions about this, feel free to stick them in the Comments.

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