Saturday, June 21, 2014

ALPHA :: Could it be Magic


A new Alpha Build is upon us (18443 for the number-conscious) and my interest was immediately piqued by these items, not simply for the return of the TBC graphic (which I suspect is deliberate and will change.) The key here is that phrase 'magical byproduct' because it means I wager that you won't be gathering these as was the case back in Outland. These, I predict, will be produced as you use the Professions Buildings in your Garrison, and we'll finally see a way for players to become truly self-sufficient without the need for spending hours in the wild gathering materials for production. What will this mean in the long term? Well, until we have every Profession live and available for testing, and have an idea of the numbers of items we might produce, it isn't entirely sure, but the fact these items ARE VERY CLEARLY MARKED as being required in certain recipes should give certain people some things to think about.

Professions Theorycrafting, after all, is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

L100 Starter Epics = 620

There'll be no playing over the weekend as the Build that was briefly up last night was unstable enough to be taken down shortly afterwards. However there appears to be enough to pick over in the intervening period, including the inclusion of an increasing number of Inscription items (see above) I also see, for the reckless gamblers amongst you, the Mysterious Fortune Cards have returned but are now known as Cards of Omens. Top 'prize' for the Blood Card appears to be 6000g:

7 War Paints, for the curious.

There's also a large number of Professions buildings added in the game files to 'place' on your Plots menu, which seems to be indicating that we may yet have something to do in our Alliance 'home' apart from learning Alchemy *again*. Keep everything crossed.

Although there will be those people who are unhappy that Professions are appearing to become more homogenised and will have less reliance on 'odd' ingredients to make money, what is apparent is that standardisation will make the process considerably simpler to pick up, and may encourage more people to use Professions for the items they produce. What this will mean for Professions as an income stream is less clear, until those of us with extensive recipe catalogues can see what, if anything, has changed in the development process.

That reminds me, I must see if I can get P copied onto the Test Server...

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