Friday, May 30, 2014

Vogue :: Time After Time

Accessories are EVERYTHING.

Last week, Blizzard made an entire Blog post on the back of the admission that people want more character customisation. The Accessories Post might appear to some as another cynical means of keeping attention focussed on the game when there's not much going on, but what it clearly indicates is that Warcraft designers aren't just looking forward to Warlords, they are here for the long haul. That means cosmetics matter, and the understanding that armour sets no longer get used as the means by which players can distinguish themselves as having completed certain challenges. People less and less want to look like each other, and increasingly crave individuality that such pursuits as Transmog can give them. Heck, if I can spend a week quietly debating which cloak my Priest will look best in (that's the Wispcloak above, by the way) then I KNOW I won't be alone.

CANNOT FAVOURITE ENUFF. I'll miss you, Cyn xxx

Mogging therefore is here to stay. Blizzard are already embracing the long-term consequences of this, but because this is one of the most art-intensive aspects of the game, it's going to take time. So much, in fact, that we won't see armour pouches or quivers for Hunters for probably an expansion. So, in the intervening period between now and then, how does one keep the process of Mogging both current and interesting?


The obvious influx of new gear for the Expansion will give players some new stuff to fiddle with, and it will be interesting to see if any specific quarter is granted to Moggers for items that look fun but have no obvious practical use, EXCEPT for covering up something ugly. I'm talking about gems such as the Replica Shado Pan Helmet which proved very popular in this Expansion because of its iconic look. One would logically assume that certain items will also be provided for your Garrison 'look', but there has been absolutely no indicator that this will be the case, which is sad considering the potential inherent in the feature to allow for such customisations. I suspect what is likely to happen is that Transmog will remain pretty much as is for the entire duration of Warlords, and it will be in the NEXT expansion that changes will be applied and refined. Hopefully by saying this out loud this means it WON'T happen and we'll get some massive Mogging changes around 6.1 or 6.2. You can but hope.

Designed for Life.

Until we know however, my mogging is roughly akin to painting the Forth Road Bridge. One you get to one end, it's taken so long you need to go back to the beginning and start again. It is a perpetual Work in Progress, and it's one aspect of the game I'd frankly not want any other way.

I love this job :D

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