Friday, May 23, 2014

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Things are now beginning to get interesting...

As we discussed yesterday, there's a new Alpha Client in town, and it's making some interesting small talk with Professions in the corner there, where no-one can *quite* make out what's going on. What is apparent from the first pass of data from the miners is that Blizzard weren't joking when they said Professions in your Garrisons were going to be similar to what you're used to in game at present. I'm not sure however I was expecting what yesterday's datamining is suggesting could happen. The indicator comes with these three specialisations from the files, plus the presence of a number of spells that suggest that cauldrons are back in the game:

GarrSpecialization #34
Student Lab - Your Alchemy Lab takes on students, and the class has a couple of potions for you each day. 
GarrSpecialization #35
Transmutation - The lab specializes in the mutable nature of physical objects, increasing the amount of Metamorphic Crystals that can be produced each day. 
GarrSpecialization #36
Elixir - The lab specializes in catalyzing alchemical reactions, increasing the amount of Alchemical Catalysts that can be produced each day.

Three Spells, no waiting.

So, what can we surmise from this data? You're going to produce new Reagents, presumably used to make you items. You can choose to have your Garrison Lab specialise EXACTLY as you do with Alchemy in game. What is not yet clear is whether there is an actual advantage to having the same skill as a Transmuter in your Lab as you do as a Transmuter on your character, or whether you will be able to take a second specialisation and still get benefits. The suggestion has been from interviews that you'd want to take a skill you already posses to have access to additional items, but specialisations didn't even come into the discussion at that stage. One assumes therefore that professions like Tailoring could well end up with sub-divisions again to benefit healers and damage dealers, and Leatherworking might allow specialisations for spell, ranged and melee classes. We won't know until we have more information, and currently there's only spells for Enchanting, Alchemy and Engineering present in game.

Also interesting.

I'd assumed that when Blizzard were talking about Specialisations these would be focussed on Followers and not the buildings as well. Here we have further proof I was incorrect, and that your Fishing Shack can also function in a number of ways, which begs the question as to what else there is inside your Garrison that can be individually customised and how many potential combination of factors this could throw up for min/maxing your experience. My initial though that there will be Gold Farming Builds for this feature remains pretty much intact to boot, especially as it's now entirely possible that Fishing could have a specialisation that directly influences Alchemy (via the medium of fish.) I should say that this fact alone is probably one of the most exciting possibilities I've seen so far in the Alpha builds, because it shows a depth of understanding of what factors influence others in the Professions matrix.

It is ironic of course that I'm off on holiday tomorrow. Needless to say, I'll be taking access to the Internet with me, and I will be watching. Oh yes.

Frankly, the playable Alpha really cannot come soon enough.


All screenies in this post are from MMO Champion's Datamining Post.

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