Monday, May 12, 2014

This Week I Will be Mostly :: Words


Yesterday, I sat down for an hour with the Armoury and did something I've not really been looking forward to: for want of a better expression I did a Character Audit. I looked at every 90 I own and did some basic notetaking: what iLevel they were, what state their weaponry and gear was in generally and what items they could use to improve them so when I level them in the Expansion they won't just get squished to a pulp. Of course, it probably won't matter much in that regard but this does give me the opportunity to make sure everyone's bars are in good nick and their storage is as robust as it can be and all the crap is thrown away. I think that's probably why the word audit's actually not inappropriate. There's also another factor to consider in this, and that's being able to play these characters at least halfway decently. So this entire process will end up with me grasping the changes that happened an Expansion ago, just in time for it to all change again before Warlords.

Yeah, I know.


Yesterday, I played some Warlock and remembered how much I enjoy my wee gnome. I spent some time learning how to look after myself (my toons are inevitably specced for self-preservation) and did some time on the island using my Voidy as a tanking pet and... well, I can see myself playing this one at least for a bit in LFR. On that front, LFR is no better or worse than I remember it from at any point in the last year. It remains the only place to gear myself away from having a regular raid team who will carry me (and that's not going to happen) so if I want upgrades, that's where I must go. In the end, I can just switch off raid chat when it gets provocative. I will use what Valor I get to upgrade items but it's not like I need to farm that anyway on anyone any more: Weekly Island quests get me enough to do one upgrade. I did two bosses in Part 2 of the Siege last night and picked up three items using a bonus roll: what matters more now are the Warforged Seals to allow that, so that's putting the priority back to the Island for everyone, for the forseeable future.

It's not like I don't know how to grind stuff, after all.

I know my place.

The next two weeks are going to be insanely busy in real life terms: getting to fit anything in will mean snatching the moments when I can, so that's likely to be a bit of Island Farming the the odd LFR boss as and when, combined with organising bars and bags on the side. Keep your eyes open as well this week for a couple of Guides to gathering stuff on the cheap: there'll be one later covering bags. After all, storage until Warlords is going to be at a distinct premium...

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