Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly :: Summer Holiday

I am not here. Honest.

As you're reading this, wherever in the world you may be, I am not here.

The great thing about the Internet (apart from all the knowledge in the world EVAH and pictures of animals 24/7) is it allows you to be in many places simultaneously. This week, it's going to allow me to carry on being your source for interesting reading-type stuff in a Warcraft stylee whilst simultaneously being away from my keyboard for large parts of the week doing holiday-type gubbins. It's the state where everybody wins, and although I've worn myself into the ground prepping everything in the week before I left, it will be so worth it. It's also going to be a living advert to what scheduling using a third-party programme can do, which is be an absolute godsend if you tend to write prolifically in periods and then have nothing to say for days. It's instant consistency plus longevity, and is well worth investigating. That's going to be part of an NBI feature from me later in the week as well.

Let me now give you a bit of an idea of what you can expect in the next seven days.

...and 5, 6, 7, 8!

As I have no idea at this stage when ANYTHING may be happening in the Land of Blizzard (TM) and I doubt that's going to change any time in the future, I've 'programmed' a week's worth of content in what can loosely be termed as 'generic.' That will include another 'Space Between' Guide on Tuesday, some mogging stuff and some meaty general discussion topics for general consumption. However, should ANY ACTUAL NEWS break out I'll be travelling with a portable wireless hotspot and a tablet with keyboard function, so you can probably expect some kind of 'current' content on top of what's already planned, should circumstances dictate it. After all, I'm only going to a place with limited internet access. What I won't be doing for a week is actually playing the game. I doubt that Azeroth will disintegrate without me.

The key here is to keep you good people entertained regardless of my current location, be it hunting for fossils or eating lunch at an ex-Royal residence. If you want to be bored senseless by holiday photos, keep half an eye on Twitter where I suspect you'll be able to work out where I am in a Carmen Sandiego stylee. I hope you'll remain engaged in the next seven days, and I look forward to hearing any feedback you guys have on what I've done and (more importantly) how it could be better accomplished in the future. For now, enjoy your Saturday.

I suspect I'll be on a boat by now... :D

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