Monday, May 19, 2014

This Week, I Will be Mostly :: Ready For the Floor


This is going to be a week I'll need a holiday at the end of to survive. Fortunately, that's exactly what's going to happen :D It's also been a week that has seen me cap out a character for the first time in AGES. I suggest that won't be the last time that transpires either.

This is the Plan :D

A 'proper' plan has been arranged for the upcoming months: it involves making sure EVERYBODY has at least 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune at their disposal on Tuesday evening so that three Warforged Seals can be purchased on Wednesday morning. This means that EVERYONE does the Celestials and Ordos on the Island, even if nothing else transpires for the rest of the week. I'm wondering if I'll have a return as good as the last round of kills for drops again, but even if I don't this does mean (at least) that everyone is being pulled out and getting a 'play'. There are a few UI's that need sorting, spells to be placed and playing techniques to be refined (especially when it comes to the healers) and all this needs to be organised before these guys get 'put to bed.'

Loving Destro :D

The Lock however, is proving an absolute joy to play, especially with the addition of the Tier 2 Piece Bonus. So much so, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm considering doing a second Legendary Cloak. THERE I TYPED IT. I was soloing large piles of mobs on the Isle last night with an ease that's normally only reserved for the Hunters, and that makes me think that this one's going to be on the play list at least until I can secure a decent weapon for her. I'm still using the Timeless Coin drop, and even if I don't get the time to do anything else on top of writing and packing, she'll get at least one run through the Siege. I even have a weapon ready to mog should we end up with a staff. THAT'S how organised I am ^^

New Gun!

There's also been more than a little bit of fiddling with mogs and stuff to adjust portions of outfits to look more 'consistent': the Exalted Klaxxi Weapon  has long been a desire on the Horde Hunter because of the glow that matches my shoulders, and finally having enough rep tokens this weekend to cheese her to Exalted meant I could buy the thing and scrub this off the list. It's the little things that often matter, and if I can keep up with those I suspect the long Summer months really are going to fly by...

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