Monday, May 05, 2014

This Week I Will Be Mostly :: A Clean Break


Yes, it's that time of the year, when a woman's fancy turns to CLEANING PRODUCTS. It is time to clear stuff out, Ladies and Gentlemen, and it won't just be my house, which is making Karazhan look like a front page spread from'Homes and Gardens' magazine right now. Characters need love too, and as I now own twelve L90's it is high time to sit down and decide who does what for the remainder of this Expansion, which is likely to take us all the way through what is traditionally one of the quietest periods of Warcraft gameplay.

Akama? This is the arrogant fool?

This means for P that I'm going to clear out the Questlog, finally, including this epic journey to the Black Temple which has now rewarded me with an instant teleport to Shadowmoon Valley (wonder if this will work in the past as well?) I have two remaining Cataclysm levelling zones to complete (Ferelas and Thousand Needles) and after that, well, it's Archaeology and then group stuff for achievements. My Bank and Void Storage cannot hold any more items of Transmog, and if I want to keep running old instances for mounts I'm pretty much resigned to the fact I'll need a second alt to do this who actually has some space for gathering. Unsurprisingly, my hunters are the best geared currently of all of my alts and so there'll also be an effort this week to gear to a standard where they can be used as a Primary Gatherer.

Inside and out, Temple Stylee.

There will be some fiction today (finally) and hopefully a FOUR PART SERIES will be appearing in this Parish at some point this month [need to design a graphic.] There's also long-overdue mogging breakdowns for the Druid, the Rogue and the Priest to be attended to. After that? Well, it's all a bit fluid, really. Kinda trying NOT to get all bogged down in huge planning at this point in time, until it's actually clear what kind of schedule we're working on for release. At some point, after all, Blizzard will actually have to commit to an actual date. Until they do, I'm attempting to be as relaxed as possible.

Things to make and do...

At the back of my mind there is always the realisation that someone, somewhere, ALWAYS has something they *could* be doing. Take P, for instance, who is now 22 recipes away from everything on the schedule (and no, I'm not race changing just for the Kodo Hide Bag) A few of these I suspect I won't see until I can go back and solo Pandarian content but the rest are fair game, which is why the backdrop of that screenie is the Sunwell. This is the kind of activity that is perfect between bouts of RL Cleaning, and which is why you are likely to see me doing this quite a bit in the weeks that follow...

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