Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Space Between :: Easy Meat


On Tuesday, we discussed ways of gathering 1000 Valor a week using 'social' methods such as the LFR mechanic or grouping on the Timeless Isle. There of course will be those of you who are not really keen or indeed happy with dealing with other players, and prefer to do their gathering alone. Fortunately, there are still many ways to obtain Valor without the need to enter an Instance. The majority of these revolve around the Pandarian Daily Quests, which remain as a decent source of income and additional items for sale.

The question then becomes: how much Valor can you earn per day just by doing Dailies?

At 5 Valor per turn in, you'd need to complete 200 Dailies in a one week cycle to grab your allocation, which equates to approximately 28.57 Quests per day. As there is no longer a limit to the number of quests you can complete in a 24 hour period, how long would it take to earn your 1000 points just using the basic 5.0 Dailies?

As things stand, there are the following Quests for a L90, with a number of provisos:

  • Order of the Cloud Serpent: 3 Dailies available.
  • Anglers: 3 Dailies available.
  • The Tillers: 6 Dailies available.
  • Klaxxi: 8 Dailies available.
  • Golden Lotus: 14 Dailies available.
  • Shado Pan: 5 Dailies available.
  • August Celestials: 4 Dailies available (in one of three locations.)

You gain 14 Golden Lotus quests at revered, which is also when the August Celestials and Shado Pan questlines become available. Therefore, if we assume players are Revered, this gives you access to a grand total of 43 dailies per day via this method, meaning you can earn up to 215 Valor per day, meaning it will take you 4.65 days to gain your account cap. However, there are also Dailies at Lion's Landing and the Isle of Thunder to consider that were introduced in 5.1 and 5.2:

  • Lion's Landing awards 25 Valor per day from 5 quests in one of four Quest Hubs.
  • Stage 5 of the Throne of Thunder quests rewards EITHER 60 Valor total or 60 Conquest and 525 Honor

Completing these two on a daily basis adds 85 Valor to your total, meaning you could earn 300 Valor a day and it would take 3.33 days to gain your account cap, roughly equivalent to using my preferred method for farming Instances and Scenarios.

Therefore it is entirely possible simply to earn your Valor from 'normal' Dailies, should you so desire :D

Worth 60 Valor :D

However, there are a number of additional options for Valor we have not yet considered. 

There is a Cloud Serpent Daily which can award a player 15 Valor for First and Second place, 10 Valor for Third and Fourth, and 5 Valor for Fifth or Sixth place for completing The Sky Race. There are also seven Pandarian Battle Pet Tamers to defeat, for 35 Additional Valor, and four Pandaran Spirit Tamers, for an extra 20 Valor. That means you could conceivably be earning 370 Valor a day assuming you can come at least Second in the Sky Race..

You might not get much else done, though. In fact, if you wanted evidence of why Dailies have fallen out of favour, this is probably one of several indicators as to why.


What this Guide tells you is that it is probably wise to try and mix a combination of Timeless Isle activities, bearing in mind that 3000 Timeless Coins equals 100 Valor, with your favourite reputation hubs, especially if you are using the time between Expansions to work on Reputations as well as grinding Valor.   Simply grinding Valor using Dailies is possible, but it is probably the most time-consuming method you can pick to do so. However, these Quests will have a use for you before the Expansion, so it might be a good time to decide on your favourite hubs as we will return to them in a Guide due for publication next week :D

It is probably fair to say that this is the most flexibility players have ever possessed  in terms of collecting currency, if they are in turn prepared to be flexible with their methods of collection

It is ironic therefore that Valor is likely to lose nearly all of its relevance come Warlords :(


Scott Leyes said...

I usually include the 50 Epoch Stone Weekly from Kairoz, and the Emperor Dailes on Timeless Isle.
The 50 stones may take a day or two, but rewards 200 Valor. I think the "Kill 20 Elites" from the Emperor rewards 25?

Kamalia said...

August Celestials and Shado-Pan haven't been gated behind getting to Revered with the Golden Lotus since patch 5.1 or 5.2 -- a freshly dinged (or boosted) 90 can DAILY ALL TEH FACTIONS right away.

Since patch 5.4, the Golden Lotus have had a constant number of dailies, all obtained at the Setting Sun Garrison. If I'm not forgetting any, there are six available on any given day. Four of those are always the same (Roll Club, beat up 20 trainees, gun down 30 flying mantid, fire bomb 80 grounded mantid) and two are one of two in a set (Survival Ring: Fire or Blades, and either fetching a relic or killing a cloud serpent in the Guo Lai Halls).

It's probably still less exhausting to mix-and-match one's methods of gaining Valor that to try to get it all from dailies, though.