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The Space Between :: Days Go By

Doing the Thinking so You don't have to... :D

Having ensured in the last part of my Guide you've got bags to start you off on your journey at L90, let's get you some really very decent gear without needing to join an LFR queue. I know many of you won't want to *do* LFR that much at all either now or in the future [*], and many of you really aren't particularly keen at participating in organised PvP. However, there are alternatives. If you're patient and sensible, you have the potential to be pretty well geared with only fifteen minutes a week [**]. They key is the much underused (but soon to be VERY important in Warlords) Raid Finder feature.

You really need to be running the Celestials with EVERY L90 you have.

The Celestials have a chance to drop Tier 16 Gear, either legs or gloves appropriate to your class, and at the Normal 10 Man gear level of 553. They also drop a selection of L15 PvP Items at 550. Don't dismiss these items, especially with the changes to PvP gear that will happen in 6.0, particuarly if you are a casual player. With 5.4.8 upcoming, you will also be able to update the non-PvP items four times.

I'm also amazed at the number of people who, having run the Legendary Questline aren't aware that this allows any alt they have at 90 to kill him as well. This makes it actually worthwhile to try and complete the questline at least once, and with the upcoming changes in 5.4.8 this is a great opportunity to consider beginning the 'journey' because of the added benefits Ordos can grant players.

Ordos drops FIFTY NINE items with the Warforged 'title', all at iLevel 559.

Ordos' Loot Table :: Click the link for a complete list of loots.

Many of these items are named after notable Warcraft theorycrafters or players who have significantly contributed to the game or the community. They're also well worth using a Warforged Seal for. Because, as is the case for bosses inside instances, successfully killing World Bosses doesn't only grant you a chance at an item from their loot table, it also gives you a Bonus Roll to boot.

A reminder: Warforged Seals cost Lesser Charms of Good Fortune and are obtainable from your faction appropriate Shrine (Elder Lin for Alliance, Elder Liao for Horde). Charms come from quests, drop from mobs and are occasional rewards from pet battles. You can hold a maximum of 10 Seals at any one time, and you can gain three for 50 coins via a weekly quest. This will change in Warlords, so it's time to get in practice spending them beforehand :D

The chances are you'll have a bunch of Charms already 'saved' as currency, especially if you've done any kind of grinding on the Timeless Isle. If you don't, spend some time grabbing the 50 you need before we begin. You're only going to need two of them for this anyway.

You may think, especially if you are on a low populations server, that killing these world bosses is nigh-on impossible. Not any more. Blizzard have introduced technology that means where you're character lives is no longer an issue, and this is what we'll be utilising to maximise our Epic Loot Potential [TM]


When you're ready to begin, type /raidinfo or press O.

Your Raid Information is Ready.

is the default shortcut to the Friends window, and the Raid tab is normally where you'll be able to see who else is in a Raid Group with you. Pressing the 'Raid Info' button opens up this window to tell you what Raids you have completed in a normal seven day reset cycle. What we are interested in is the 'Other Raids' button, which grants you access to the ability to move off your own Server and onto other people's. Clicking on that will bring up a menu that will allow you to queue for both the Celestials and Ordos, and these are the World Bosses we are initially interested in.

I need to finish Siege LFR on this Hunter ^^

This menu is how Blizzard responded to oQueue, and when we get to Warlords this is how players will be able to queue and participate in ANY expansion raid excluding LFR. For now, however, all you need to consider is clicking those two at the top. May I politely also suggest you DON'T place yourself in the queue anywhere else except on the Timeless Isle. Don't rely on there being a Warlock present to summon you from Stormwind or the shrine: you'll save tons of time and make this all far more efficient if when you are invited to a group, you're only a short run away from the place you need to be. I realise for certain players, especially healers, this does make life a bit more 'exciting', but it's pretty much common sense.

Then, all you have to do is wait. I think the longest I've waited for a queue thus far (during working hours) is three minutes. That's no time at all for a chance of TOP QUALITY LOOT. Of course, then you have to hope that the Random Number Generator decides to be your friend... ^^



1. I probably should reiterate that Ordos requires you to have the Legendary Cloak on at least one character to be able to actually fight him. Click Here for an Overview of the entire Questline. You don't need this for the Celestials, of course, but remember that you don't need to do the Legendary questline any more than once to give all your alts access. 

2. By accepting an invite to another Realm to kill Celestials or Ordos, you may well become flagged for PvP. This will also be changed for Warlords, but for now the standard 'possibility of being killed by the opposing faction' issues apply. Be prepared.

[*] I think doing LFR for one Legendary Cloak is enough for this Expansion anyway.
[**] It normally takes far less than that, if truth be told.

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