Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Space Between :: 1000 Miles

We have bags and we have gear. Now, to upgrade it.

If you're still playing this game right now, you'll undoubtedly have your own particular reasons for doing so. If one of them is to gear your character as robustly as possible, then at some point you will require Valor. Each piece of gear you can farm from the Siege of Orgrimmar on whatever difficulty, all the items available from the Timeless Isle, plus those that drop from World Bosses have an upgrade path which involves the currency.

Two more upgrades available until 5.4.8 :D

This means that this Chestpiece can become an ilevel 504 item. Come 5.4.8 either later today for the US or tomorrow for Europe there will be two additional upgrade levels added, meaning this can then be further increased to a ilevel 512 item. To increase all four upgrade levels you'd need 1000 Valor per item, as each step is 'priced' at 250 Valor. That's why you're going to need some serious pointage, and that's why this Guide is about farming it fast. There is one other point that should be made first before we move onto what's the best farming path for you. This Guide is going to assume you will be using LFR for upgrades and that your gear is at LFR standard, at least level 528 or above. If you really do want to avoid aggressive gearing altogether, you'll need to look at Thursday's Guide for the alternatives you have away from participating either in a group or having to farm inside instances.

For everyone else, let's work a selection of different and productive paths to 1000 Valor.


Path A: Exchange Timeless Coins for Valor.

As of today in the US 30,000 Timeless Coins will equal 1000 Valor Points. If you've been farming on the Island this should mean that you'll be able to gain the Valor of the Ancients buff in the time it takes to hand these over and consume 10 tokens. Frankly, this has to be the quickest and easiest way to get your currency maxxed, and anything else is now going to seem a bit long-winded by comparison. However, let's give you a couple more options, shall we?

Path B: LFR, Heroic 5 Man, Timeless Isle :: Time to Complete = 3 Days [*]

This path assumes the following: you have no problems running random content with strangers, and that your gear will support fairly simple Timeless Isle grinding.

We suggest the following:

  • On reset day (Tues/Weds) run the Path of the Mistwalker for 50 Valor and the Empowering the Hourglass weekly for 250 Valor.
  • Run all four wings of the Siege in LFR for a grand total of 360 Valor (90 Valor x 4)
  • Queue for 3 Random 5 Man Heroic Dungeons on 3 separate days for a total of 240 Valor
  • Run the Path of the Mistwalker Daily for 3 further days for a total of 150 Valor.

    250 + 360 + 240 + 150 = 1000 Valor.

[*] As we are solely counting Valor from resets here to max your rewards, 3 days is your timescale. 

[**] Bear in mind that three Heroics award bonus honor: Siege of Niuzao gives 5, Scholomance gives 10 and the Shado-Pan Monastery gives 15. Depending on the luck of your random, you may have extra Valor to play with.

Path C: LFR, Heroic Scenarios, Timeless Isle :: Time to Complete, 3 Days.

Again, the same caveats as with Path A, maximising island time for coins for use at a later date. It also assumes you have two other people to play with :D

  • On reset day (Tues/Weds) run the Path of the Mistwalker for 50 Valor and the Empowering the Hourglass weekly for 250 Valor.
  • Run all four wings of the Siege in LFR for a grand total of 360 Valor (90 Valor x 4)
  • Run one evening of Heroic Scenarios:

    First Scenario rewards 120 Valor
    Bonus Objectives reward 30 Valor
    Subsequent Scenarios award 70 Valor.

    Therefore a minimum of 5 Scenarios will award 400 Valor

    250+360+400 = 1010 Valor.

This also works on the theory you don't achieve any bonus objectives, but if you do this may then reduce the need to do the (often tricky) Wing Four in the Siege (Downfall) or indeed skip a wing of your choice. It also removes the need for any subsequent farming time on the Island.This is the path I currently use, give or take, because it also allows for the possibility of a random epic weapon from the Scenario caches.

Path D: Thunder Isle Rares + Weekly :: Time To Complete ?? Days

This option may well be attractive to those of you who need a change from the Island and who are reasonably well geared. As each Rare on the Isle of Thunder is now easily soloable by those well geared to a 5.4 standard and drops 15 Valor per kill, you could just kill these every night until you've capped. If you start with the Champions of the Thunder King quest (remember you'll need the Ritual Stones that the rares drop to do so) that'll give you a 150 Valor head start. After that, according to my calculator, you'll need another 56.66 rares to cap you at 1000.

This option does however give you the chance to collect some Vanity Pets, the Keys to the Palace of Lei Shen (for solo scenario goodness) and generally feel quite OP in content that was quite a struggle 'back in the day'


For the more dedicated raider, Challenge Modes reward Valor for completion (165/150/125 for Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively) plus the Daily Challenge Mode Quest rewards between 60 and 80 Valor depending on the individual target. A reminder finally that killing any 10 or 25 man Pandarian boss inside an instance will reward 40 Valor Points. You can find a comprehensive list of how much Valor comes from which particular source at Wowhead. Click here for the link.

With the introduction of the Coin-to-Valor 'option' considerably faster than I suspect anyone was really anticipating, any or all of these paths can now be augmented with coins if you so desire. It also means that grinding for things like Emperor Rep and the mount become doubly attractive as coins will have a genuine value for the time used.

This should give you some food for thought as a starting point. I'll see you next time for some alternatives to the Hardcore for the more Casual Valor grinding.


marathalbt said...

I am hitting the upgrader soon as I log in tonight with 2500 valor to spend, immediately hitting Lootastic island and back again, maxing 7 pieces of Warforged, before they see a reason to make any changes.

Calexa said...

I'd suggest running older raids instead of SoO. Most older wings take much less time to run than SoO2&4.

TheGrumpyElf said...

Path E:

Find 2 other well geared friends that want to take advantage of the new valor upgrades on just spam heroic scenarios and be capped in less than an hour.

I like the timeless coin thing however, I have so many coins and really that is the fastest way to do it if you have them. Wish I did not waste 150K of them opening chests because I was bored on day. Now I only have 150K left on my main.

Yes, I had over 400K when I hit exalted and bought the mount and have had nothing to spend them on since.

Those things drop like candy. While farming for lesser charms on an alt yesterday with a friend we were joking how much valor each kill was getting us. Killed the priest, got 300 coins, woot, 10 valor dropped from the priest. Just think of it that way, everything you kill there is dropping valor basically. Small amounts sure, but still dropping valor.