Saturday, May 17, 2014

Magic Power

A number of you, I know, have discussed the potential consequences of the item 'squish' in Warlords, and its possible ramifications for content that isn't current: that is, soloing old stuff pre-the current Expansion. Blizzard have continued to assure players that they will still be capable of coping with everything thrown at them in all of the game's content, going so far as to suggest they might want to start considering such endeavours in places like Molten Core [*]. However, Developers had not made any direct allusion as to what might change to allow this to take place: after all, Blizzard isn't going back to all the old content to alter it it, and it is apparent that each expansion has not been 'built' in the same way. A number of people have suggested, as a result, that there might well be issues.

On Thursday, Rygarius appeared with this little nugget on the US Forums:

So now we know.

Firstly, this statement could be taken as a confirmation that Yes, Blizzard may have an encountered a problem with old content once they applied the squish. To get around this however, once we get to 6.0, if mobs are a lower level than you, you'll automatically do more damage to them. This makes a lot of sense, and Rygarius was then quick to point out as a result this should not affect those wishing to do content at the appropriate level in a 'twink' capacity. However, if like me you spend a fair bit of time in old instances where currently the term 'faceroll' would be an understatement, you may now have a slight concern about what things will be like in the 6.0 world. Frankly I'd assumed the old stuff would be the least of my issues.

It makes me wonder exactly what's happened with the game once the stat changes were applied.

So many numbers :O

The thing is, right now, everything really is STUPIDLY overblown, so much so that even people like me get that we cannot continue down this particular path, however overpowered this may mean we are. As an example of this, I am going to post a set of DPS meters from my Ordos fight on P this week. Normally, I'd clone out the other people involved, but on this occasion... if I'm beating Elvispresley, something is clearly amiss... ^^

He'll leave the building now. JUST YOU WATCH.

No, this is not an attempt to massage my ego. I'm a 47 year old mother of two with a Hunter who's iLevel 559. I'm not using a consistent rotation or indeed in probably the best spec for DPS. So, when I pop every cooldown and I'M DOING HALF A MILLION DPS honestly, really, this is just BROKEN. I wouldn't want Blizzard to go back on what's being suggested with the squish, far from it, but there is a part of me that's just a wee bit concerned at the news they've had to apply something to deliberately make us OP in old content. Because... well, this isn't ever about the numbers, the same way it shouldn't be about the gear or the progression. We all know how this works, and Blizzard do too. Add this to the revelation that we discussed last week that Blizzard stealth-nerfed drops from the Black Temple, and it is clearly very apparent that that whole thing about not tinkering with old content is perhaps not as rigid as the designers might have us believe.

In fact, if Blizzard are encouraging it, and it appears they are, then clearly the bigger picture has taken on more significance.

The game is still broken. Period.

The game is, in many places, inherently flawed. We're not just talking about no flying in Silvermoon either, there are persistent bugs in game that remain many, many years after we're long gone. I can think of several in Vashj'ir for starters from Cataclysm (getting there can still be a trial with Stormwind phasing, if truth be told) and I'm sure everyone can recall at least one part of the game which is just,well, BORKED. The thing is, none of this impacts on overall enjoyment, and as long as that remains the case then no-one's really that bothered. If I was unable to farm mounts from the Eye and Onyxia, for instance, because of a problem with this 'mechanic' I know I'd not be the only one complaining, and clearly Blizzard realise that too, or else we'd not have something put in place that they were prepared to admit. This change then becomes another thing to add onto the the long list of 'Things to Do when 6.0 Arrives'

That's actually beginning to get quite long, if truth be told...


[*] There since Vanilla :D

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Kamalia said...

I feel like I've seen that tidbit about players getting a buff against old content after the squish before, though I can't recall exactly where...

Oh, yeah, it's right there in the "Stat Squish" section of the Alpha patch notes:
"It's important to understand that this isn't a nerf, and we have special handling in place to preserve players’ existing ability to solo old content. Players will deal bonus damage against lower-level creatures from past expansions, and will take reduced damage from them."

Kinda feels a little like Blizz is doing a two-steps-forward, one-step-back thing here with squishing all the numbers, then putting in a buff so that players can still be OP against older content -- but I'm not going to argue if it means I can still solo stuff for mogging.