Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Am What I Am

Fame Comes with a Price...

I have been asked increasingly over the past few years why it is that I do what I do. I have my days when I wonder why I bother, I'll grant you, and increasingly it does feel as if I'm the only person who's actually writing about the game on a daily basis. Of course, this simply isn't true. In that regard, I am well aware of those people who are struggling with the concept of limited content just as much as I am:


I'm not here to bask in some collective glow of Celebrity. I'm not trying to sell myself as anything less than a mother of two with a penchant for words and an (as yet) undiminished love for Warcraft. What I continue to love and desire is to discuss Warcraft in the wider framework of just a game, but as a metaphor for an increasing number of issues that don't simply encompass gaming. I am like Crabby above: I started my life as simply a bit of a joke, a mad lady rambling about her favourite stuff to do in Warcraft. In fact, I still remember one of the few Warcraft EU Forum Posts I was involved in where I was referred to as 'a blog where someone just talks about what they do in game. It's not very interesting.' Needless to say, the fact I still carry that damning criticism with me is testament to my evolution as a writer in the last half decade. Every piece of criticism sticks, and always for the right reasons. A sensible person uses the bad moments to help them become better and not to hold them back.

I always feel slightly uncomfortable when someone outside Blizzard tries to pass themselves off as something more important than the people who make the game. After all, without these people there'd be no podcasts to make or blogs to write, no streams to run or guides to compile. We are all simply here because Blizzard don't get the hump at all of us flagrantly abusing their copyright and because they understand how good it is to have people talking about your products. We are the best advertising strategy any company could ever have, and the people in Irvine are well aware of this. It is just a pity that perception of importance often doesn't go both ways. You should never forget that without an audience you are nothing. That doesn't just go for Warcraft.

That's why I try and keep posts like this to a minimum. I'll always try and find something to talk about related to the game, because even if nothing new is going on, there's always the opportunity to talk about where we are and what we have. The greatest thing of all, of course, is knowing that this state of affairs is only temporary. The time will come, not long from now, where we'll be complaining there's too much to do and talk about, because we'll have a playable client to wrangle and new information to pass on. That's the flame that burns inside me, bright and as yet undimmed. That matters more than what people think of me and where I stand in the Warcraft Blogsphere. Even as there is no news, I am still enthusiastic for content.

Long may this situation continue for many, many years to come.

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marathalbt said...

I read something the other day, one of the best guilds on our little home got 10 man Heroic Garrosh down finally. Patch 5.4 was released on September 10th, a pinch over 9 months to get their heroic kill, so what came to mind was the comment right after, they were 212th US. The 212th US guild to down him on 10 man content. 2,120 people in US guilds have beaten the final fight, after 9 months, in an expansion that has seen new tiers drop every 5-6 months. We are still faced with many more months to go, and I see people dropping left and right to boredom, progression guilds falling apart because they are stuck, they are tired of hitting the same fights week after week, Timeless Isle was a momentary distraction in the grand scheme. Someone dropped a big ball with the speed content was released, and now we see the fallout.

I am even seeing social players taking a break because they have noting to do, people with 5+ max levels, people with long forgotten Alt's hitting max level. It would be nice to have some word, some reason.

I am happy that there are people like yourself that manage to scrap together even the tiniest info for me to read. It's what I have always enjoyed doing, reading about WoW.