Thursday, May 15, 2014

Break From the Old Routine

This week, I am making a conscious effort to engage with everyone I have levelled to 90 in game. Thus far, things are going pretty well.

9 Alts, Amazing Returns :O

My plan, such as it is, is remarkably simple, and will be forming the basis of a Guide I'll be publishing tomorrow. During the course of last night and this morning, I took nine L90's and did the following with each one of them:

  • Log in.
  • Go and get three Warforged Seals from the vendor in the Shrine.
  • Fly to the Timeless Isle.
  • Press O and open the Raid Finder.
  • Queue for Ordos and the Celestials.
  • Wait.

When I did this last week, the results were, frankly, woeful. One item of loot dropped from Ordos, one from the Celestials, and that was a duplicate. I'd kind of accepted this would be my lot for the next X weeks as well, but last night I pulled four pieces of loot for three characters (hunter, mage, warlock.) I assumed that would be it but no, this morning the run of fortune continued, particularly from Ordos who was dropping 559's like they were going out of fashion. Ironically P's wins (duplicate Ordos helm and PvP feet) are the only two useless items I've received. Under the circumstances, that's bloody amazing.

It could well be that next week is similarly barren, but if you don't take part you'll never know. That's the key to all of this, actually doing the work. It is the moment when you decide whether you'll simply manage with the gear you have, or try for something better. That's often as big a quandary for players as actually obtaining the gear itself, because normally that means time, effort and often long queue times. The nine characters above took me about two and a bit hours in total. That's a FABULOUS return for the effort involved. Plus, all but one character has sufficient coins for me not to have do anything with them to grind new ones for at least a month. I'm suddenly really glad I levelled so many alts using Pet Battles :and Pandaran rares :D

Farming old crap for Fun and Profit.

I also spent 20 minutes last night tagging an under-geared lowly alt onto a World Boss 'World Tour': The Sha, Galleon, Oondasta and Nalak didn't drop anything of interest, but I re-discovered (was reminded by someone else who was doing the bosses for just this reason) that if I have some bonus roll tokens all these guys have a chance to drop a mount:

So the other job this weekend is to pick up a stack of Elder Charms of Good Fortune and Mogu Runes of Fate on the Horde/Alliance Hunters so I can make sure I run that TWICE A WEEK in the vain hope I might get lucky. yet again, if you don't try, you'll never know.

A change from the normal routine's already proving very enjoyable :D

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