Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Alternative Chat :: Episode 24

Two weeks in a row. PHEAR my mighty and regular podcasting skillz! So, what's on the menu this week?

In this week's episode you'll get:

  • I finally 'did' Garrosh.
  • Blizzard incentivising!
  • I *know* it's the Call of Duty franchise, not Modern Warfare (console nub)
  • Making gold in dungeons is gonna change.
  • Queuing for stuff is sometimes enjoyable.

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Keep everything crossed and I should be back here on the 14th :D

1 comment:

Phat Lewts said...

The main problem with Black Temple wasn't normal players farming, although Blizzard would like it to seem that way, it's that botters were making instant 90s, and constantly running the trash. It isn't super lucrative by itself though. In terms of Gold Per Hour, you'd be better off farming MoP mats, but bots prefer to farm instances because there is literally zero competition, and they can run multiple bots on the same large realm without competing with themselves. Beyond vender fodder and cloth/greens, there are some trash drops in BT that are particularly lucrative, if you're interested in reading more about them, there's a thread over at The Consortium where we were discussing the appearance of a great deal of these rare items about a month ago.

As you mentioned that spot in the Vale is lucrative, but if there are others you're competing for for kills, it's often just not worth the time for botters. As far as nerfing rare spawns, I believe Blizzard can avoid this problem if they go through with implementing a WoD leveling system for professions (such as the current one for Blacksmithing). They've mentioned they're considering it, and it would cap the value of these old world items, and that would be a great way of keeping old world farming under control IMO.

Excellent podcast by the way, I too love Oqueue and would not have any of my normal gear and/or Garrosh kills without it! I actually ran Ordos/Celestials on my priest this week, and got 3 pieces of PvE gear between the 2 kills w/ coins. If my main had such great luck I'd have stopped running SoO ages ago!