Thursday, May 22, 2014

ALPHA :: Build 18297 Overview

Outhouses are now useable. Thank Elune for that :D

There's a new Alpha Build on the Servers. As it was deployed after midnight US time the Data Miners are probably going to take a while to digest it all, but first indicators would seem to suggest this is a fairly massive Class Abilities adjustment pass. The only thing MMO mention thus far in relations to your Garrison, for instance, is the Achievement above. Be careful what you wish for, Internets, for it is likely one day to come to pass. This does at least reaffirm my faith that Poop Quests are still high on Blizzard's agenda for new content :P

As for everything else, there are some notable additions.

  • There are a selection of seven different coloured 'Ravagers' which look suspiciously like the Silithid. MISSING LINK ANYONE?
  • We finally have a Portal that looks like the one in the Blasted Lands with a Red Glow (TM) Fizz Goldfellow will be pleased :D
  • Draenor Gronn are far more attractive than their Outland counterparts.

I'd put a fair bit of cash on these five being an indicator of what Battlers can expect to have to do for Achievements this time around. For instance, you have to finish a battle with an ability from each pet family (see Beast Beat-down) and with specific pets being used in combination (as is the case with Hydraulics) There's also a good chance of a slew of Achievements using specific types of pet spell. That should keep the points chasers busy for quite some time... There's also spells for two new pets, the Grovestrider Hatchling and the Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar.
Most significantly of all, Engineering's had a ton of recipes added to it and amongst those are many that could well be Vanity Pets.
  • It appears that Leatherworking will now follow the same gathering 'model' currently used by Herbalism and Mining:

This means that regardless of your skinning skill, you'll be able to skin anything anywhere in the game. What your skill will do is dictate what you're able to gain from mobs themselves.

I'm already looking forward to seeing what Wowhead are going to pull from this Build... and whether any of it will have any kind of Garrison relevance... :D

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TheGrumpyElf said...

I am so happy we will have our own outhouse now. I've been holding it in since grizzly hills. I really have to go. :D