Thursday, May 15, 2014

5.4.8 PTR :: Return to Sender

Image from Wowhead. Incredulity from me.

The expected changes to the PTR popped up last night (as we discussed yesterday) with a number of notable additions in tow. Perhaps the most significant of all will be a disappointment to some, but a welcome change for many.

Oh, THAT Achievement.

The achievement Going to Need a Bigger Bag was one reason I refused to stay on the Island after I'd killed every Rare: 10 points for basically wasting your entire life waiting for rares to spawn or items to drop was, at least in my mind, a completely pointless exercise. It appears that the Developers now agree with me, though I suspect this will be scant compensation for those people who got the Achievement 'pre-nerf' However, for the vast majority of players, this is now a much more attainable goal.

However, if this change wasn't enough to pique the interest, I direct people to the image of the Iron Hitching Post above that was expected to appear as a 'purchaseable' in the Blizzard Store around 2013. This was produced as a result of CCG 'fun' items like the Sandbox Tiger and (presumably) in an attempt to repeat the success of items like the Toy Train Set. However, if you wanted this, you were going to have to part with some cold, hard cash. It appears the idea of the Hitching Post has been updated. The Mount that accompanies it?

So, NOT a 2 person mount, then :(

Myself and many others were incorrect to assume that the Warforged Nightmare was a multi-person transport. Sharing with friends? That could be up to 40 friends (presumably in the largest battlegrounds, though the implication is that there are 25 charges as was the case with the CCG version) via the use of the Nightmarish Hitching Post. Most importantly, if this follows the same (potential) form as the Iron Hitching Post was going to:

As this appears to be a cosmetic buff, it is no longer relevant to my particular interests. We'll leave that in the pile with the Vanity Helms Blizzard has on special this week.

As yet, however, there is still no indication on how players will obtain the Grinning Reaver...


Luxypie said...

I'll admit I sulked a tiny bit when I saw this on MMO champ, especially since it was just a week or so ago that I read a post saying it wouldn't be made account-wide. I recently just finished the bigger bag achievement, it would have been so much easier if I could have logged alts to check for them, instead of spamming my friends for invites to their servers, although, having all the items on one toon is nice. I am happy for the people who have a better chance at it now though! Especially those poor souls who got the Huolon mount on toons they never play. Alts can finally safely kill rares on the isle without the pain of picking up a rare item!

TheGrumpyElf said...

I gave up on timeless too because of that achievement. It is the only one I am missing in exploration.

I am glad it is going account wide because I have many things on alts that I never got on my main so that helps a little. However, more changes need to be made. Things from the crab and the ox rare spawns. Extremely rare drops off extremely rare spawns that can appear anywhere on the map and will die within 3 seconds of appearing so you never have a chance to get to them are not exactly my idea of fun. They should be removed. It should be changed, not only to account wide, but also to collect 80% of these items. Because those 2 are probably the only ones I need and I will never get them.