Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5.4.8 NEWS:: The Gift

First, in Patch 5.4.8 (which is currently in testing on the PTR), all upgradable epic items introduced to the game in Patch 5.4 will be given the option to upgrade 2 more times for a grand total of 16 item levels. This change will be applied to all items found on the Timeless Isle and in Siege of Orgrimmar. For instance, if you have an item level 553 Greatsword of Pride’s Fall and its Upgrade Level is 2/2 making it item level 561, once the new patch goes live it will display 2/4 and allow you the opportunity to bump it up to item level 569. Whether you’re working on a newly boosted character or progressing through Siege of Orgrimmar, we hope this change will provide you with the extra punch you need to take down your foes. 
Second, we are also adding a new token called Deeds of Valor which will cost 3000 Timeless Coins, and can be used to grant your character 100 Valor Points. Players who wish to purchase the new token can do so by visiting Mistweaver Ai on the Timeless Isle next to the Celestial Court. Keep in mind, these tokens won’t allow you to go above the current weekly cap on Valor, but they do provide you an extra option to gain the points you may need so you can upgrade your gear. 
Thanks everyone for your feedback, we will be bumping up the ilvl of all Garrosh Heirlooms by +8 in 5.4.8, since they are not upgradeable with Valor. The intent of the 5.4.8 VP upgrade change is to let people continue to progress, and we don’t want those who are using one of the Garrosh BoA weapons as their primary weapon to feel like they need to go get a brand new weapon due to this change. 
Yes, legendary cloaks will receive the ability to upgrade two more times, but they will not be auto-upgraded. 

In a move that came as pretty much a surprise for everyone (except that guy who knows a girl whose brother works at Blizzard) it was announced late last night that there'll be something else to spend your Timeless Coins on come 5.4.8. It is important to note that you'll still be restricted by the weekly Valor Cap when working towards your limit, and these items won't be BoA, so no sending them to alts, everyone has to work. For those of us who really don't want to grind on the Island, or have a bazillion coins from doing just that already, this will be at least a way to upgrade all that gear for a second time without stepping foot in LFR.

Needless to say, this is going to work as an effective boost to everyone struggling in Heroic content downwards. It will probably substitute as a quick fix for actual content nerfs too, which would require actual development time I'm guessing Blizzard simply don't have right now. Whether it will drive people back to the Island... who can tell, but it does give players more options, and that will (hopefully) keep them engaged in content. Certainly it makes grinding on the Island for Charms of Good Fortune far more attractive. I suspect Evermaw might be killed on my server's Isle a bit more frequently to boot. Three of his untimely demises will probably get enough coins for 100 Valor.

That's how you'll start considering your progress once 5.4.8 appears. I also reckon two weeks tops before that patch goes live.

Then, if that piece of news wasn't enough, Blizzard's official Twitter feed has thrown this at us:

Things to note?

  • Not only is this a mount, it's a re-skin of the infamous Qiraji Battletank.
  • This one absolutely DEFINITELY has no wings.

No, we won't be getting this in 5.4.8, I'd wager. I'm betting we'll have to work for it, too.

I must go get my Blue Bug Mount from Archaeology.

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