Friday, April 04, 2014

WARLORDS :: Do, Ray, Me

When is a Perk NOT a Perk?

The dust is beginning to settle. I have my Podcast done, and may be only working on three hours sleep... but I still have the ability to grasp the fundamental shift the Alpha Client is about to instigate. This isn't about less is more. This is SIMPLER writ large, and for someone who's never really felt comfortable with losing anything in game, there are some real kicks to the soft issue in what we've been given here. People are already chastising me for not looking at the bigger picture, reminding me the sky is NOT falling. I know this. Change is inevitable, we've all been on that page for some time. But when you get down to the nitty gritty, the actual details, I find myself wondering if all those people who asked for ability bloat to be addressed really thought through the consequences of their desire. When your tower is so delicately balanced, you can't just take things away without some fairly serious consequences. That means lots of things vanish. Many, MANY things.

Ultimately, everyone misses out on something. Except Rogues [*]

Visual representation for the win.

So if you consider the Jenga Tower of Class Abilities, to keep this whole thing resplendent and stable means those with the most utility are pretty likely to come out of the exercise a lot worse off than the classes who have less. It's also apparent that by the process of better distinguishing specs from each other, it has been necessary to restrict access to a lot of spells that were previously universal for all, locking them together in new (and often radical) ways. While this is all well and good people will look at these notes and without something to reassure them (i.e. the ability to actually play their class right now) will rightly feel slightly nervous. That's the risk Blizzard have clearly decided to take by letting this information out now. There will be those who will argue the timing is deliberate for whatever reason, but the fact remains that with the scale of change were being presented with, the longer people have to adapt to their circumstances the better it is for everyone concerned.

This means the sooner people have their hands on the Client the better.

There is one particular issue I would like to take issue with, however, and that's nothing to do with the actual changes and a bit more of an objection to a term.

That's what Google sez :D

So these 'Perks' we get from 1-99 for our Specs: I assume they are offered every level and are the same for everyone. So, they're not a benefit because that implies that only some people get them and others don't. If EVERYONE gets them in every spec and they only change when you switch Specialisations, giving them a name is ultimately pointless. This is making people *think* they're being rewarded something when all Blizzard are doing is improving everyone's power IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY, because they're not going to imbalance ANYONE by giving them a Perk over anyone else. Please don't try and fool me into thinking this is something cool and clever, Blizzard, that each level awards anything else other than a HIGHER RANKED SPELL I ALREADY HAVE, that is the same for EVERYONE who plays my Spec. This is Alpha, just drop the name and stop making people feel they're being made more powerful when really they're just getting more of what they already have.

If you are going to strip this down, then do just that. Rewards aren't really rewards if everyone has them.

Until I'm playing the game to which these Patch Notes are attached, pretty much anything else I'd want to discuss is utterly moot, and therefore pointless, which makes me rather pleased I'm not writing Class Guides today, because if I was, I could see myself getting quite emotional.

However, I cannot now complain there is no actual Warlords News, which suits me just fine.


Rogues got off really rather lightly :P


dobablo said...

But not everyone will have them. They are random, so a L95 beastmaster hunter could have an entirely different set of perks to another L95 beastmaster.

This is especially annoying for me when I consider that I might have to wait until L99 to get the same quality of life improvement that someone else got at L91.

Alternative Chat said...

I really hope that's not the case because if it is it's UTTERLY PANTS. Really, on so many levels. Using the RNG to give people an impression of individuality? Yuk.

dobablo said...

Over levels 91 to 99, you will earn these 9 new Draenor Perk in a random order.

I don't think it is about making chaacters different, but more creating a little surprise present when you ding. You see the box, but until you unwrap it, you don't know what the perk will be.

Darkbrew said...

Perhaps perks is just a bad word, but some of them (at least for Hunters) are really nice and will help make the specs feel different.

By the time you hit 100 you will have all of them for every spec, and every player in that class will have them.

Blackdemon said...

I don't really see a problem with the terminology. If your spec or class is assumed to be your job, then why shouldn't everyone who does that job get the same perks? I don't see where it has to be an exclusive thing.
The same with rewards. A reward is something given to you in return for something. Whether anyone/everyone else gets the same reward is irrelevant.

On the subject of perks, this is a little bit of a return to giving you a little something everytime you gain a level. The randomisation of them I suppose makes levelling the same spec 90-100 again slightly different, but in the end you'll end up in the same place for endgaming.

Blackdemon said...

Just to clarify,
One of the perks of being a Beast master hunter is:
Empowered Pets: Increases all damage done by your combat pets by 20%.

Survival and MM hunters don't get that perk.

Hamsda said...

The so called perks are there for one reason and one reason only:
Blizzard said they are as unhappy as most players are that you are effectively losing power when you are leveling, simply because your end game previous expansion gear wont improve as drastically as the rating conversions shoot up while leveling.
The name and the RNG related with these Perks may not be the best choice, but it is a decent solution to a problem that you can't really fix otherwise because spell ranks are gone and you have to have less haste/mastery/crit etc so you can go back up to those higher percentages in WoD again.