Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vogue :: Favourite Shirts

The Lady in Reeeeeeeeed...

In the first of an occasional series, I will today be talking about my Process du Moggage.

I've been wanting to alter the appearance of my Rogue for a while because a) my current mog sucks and b) see a) To show you how much it sucks, here it is now.

Okay not COMPLETELY sucky.

My problem with this outfit is twofold: firstly it's just too DULL. Now you might argue that actually, as a Rogue, not being dressed in bright red is an advantage because YOU KNOW CAMOUFLAGE and I'd say you might have a point but then counter with Stealth. If you could still find me, of course :p Secondly, I wanted a change, because there's been far too much doom and gloom in my life of late. The Red Mog's existed in various forms for a while, and is I realise a direct influence on how my Monk's Mog came to be quite so harnessy-themed in the chest department. So, last night I decided not to do what I often like as a starting point for a mog (pick a weapon I already have) and instead pick a colour. In this case, something I could craft to boot. Hence the Purple Rogue's Outfit was born:

Probably needs a Rich Silk Purple Shirt. JUST SAYING

Now we like this for many reasons. Lots of it is crafted, for starters. Most of it isn't going to require a massive farm either (once I get one Warp Splinter for instance, that's done) and it's quite subtle for summat that is purple and gold, give or take. I will do a version with a Purple Shirt in place for comparison and there are a couple of other pairs of shoulders I am considering, but for an hour's work last night when it was late and I was tired, I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I also have my Goblin rogue to consider in the equation, but because of relative body shapes I'm going to take a different approach with that. But what this exercise has taught me is that bright will work if I pick the right combination of colours. I can see my Goblin leaning heavily on Druid pieces, as it happens, just as a nose thumbing exercise.

Needless to say, there's a few other characters that could do with a rework, and I can feel another masssive wardrobe session coming on this evening...


othnieltcs said...

Love this, not least because your rogue is my favorite type of WOW toon!

Kamalia said...

Oh, that purple set is *sweeeet*! Very shadowy and subtle, perfect for a Rogue! Best of luck with getting it all together!