Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Vogue :: The Chinese Way

Red is lucky. NO IT IS.

There was never any doubt my Panda would end up in red. Whatever else I try on her, it just doesn't sit right. After we'd decided on the colour, it was then about whether I went iconic or ignored her roots, and the more I considered the question, the easier the answer became. There would need to be touches of the Pandaran past she owed so much to, but not an excess. That's why the Belt looks like it belongs to the harness she's wearing, it's why the staff remains as an understanding of what she is and where she came from... but the rest is undeniably Azeroth, because that is now what she has become a part of.

A remembrance of what has passed.

As she spends so much time spinning whilst she fights, I've assumed that having lots of clutter and fuss around the outfit would be awkward. That means I've aimed for minimal and (hopefully) have succeeded. There's quite a lot of colour here too, but hopefully not too much, with red and brown being the predominant accents. The green in the belt buckle is accented with the headdress feathers and detail on the staff.

Brown and red and rock and roll.

Normally I'd not be interested in the shorter cloaks but this one is a particularly good match in my opinion for the patterns in the outfit, especially the gloves. Most of this was created when my Monk was in her 50's too, so she's been wearing it for some time. I like the idea of creating a mog when a character now starts their journey, and this is something I will elaborate on in further Vogue posts. For now, this is one of my proudest achievements, if only because I feel it really suits the soul of the character as well as their physical attributes.

All this and Cherry Blossom.

Full list of Transmog Items is as follows:

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