Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vogue: Building the Perfect Beast

I am receiving increasing numbers of requests from players who are seeing me fiddle with various costume 'designs' on Twitter and are asking for a run-down of what I'm picking. As a result, this post will be just that: no frills, no extensive comments apart from a run-down of what I've used. In as many cases as possible I will try to not use items I know are no longer in game, that are craftable with items still available or won't require you to have 20 friends in tow to complete. I'm also doing my best to avoid what I know some people like to make stupidly large sums of cash on too, but it does occasionally happen.

I should also note that a lot of my items tend to come from Quests, as the majority of my alts haven't completed anything really of note in that regard (with the exception of P) for several years. I will link therefore to Wowhead's database which is useful for sourcing alternative items if the one I specify isn't immediately available to you.

Without further ado, let's get down to business:


This is one of those mogs that frankly just made itself. There is no cloak, but either an Imbued Primal Cape or a Reinforced Linen Cape would work very well :D

I am the Goddess of Hellfire and I bring you...

My son paid me his pocket money for his Expansion with one aim: so he could boost his Gnome Warlock to 90. Now he has, his next request was for a Mog that he could gather with the minimum amount of fuss. This means using Mum's Tailor to make things, and as a result only the hat and the belt will require some actual effort. The staff is a Justice Points purchase from Shatt, though I haven't yet checked the rep requirement for it... :P

Oh, and an Imbued Simple Cape or a Ravager Cloak would probably finish this off nicely.

Finally... I've been spending quite a bit of time trying to clothe rogues.


First of, as my rogue's an Engi, goggles are pretty much de rigeur. After that, I'm just looking for something that's striking and individual, and this does the job. Also, ALWAYS Daggers :D However, as my Monk is now very similarly clothed I've decided to go the purple route, the fruits of which I'll show you in a post just as soon as I have all the pieces collected. For now, take this set as my second choice:

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Phat Lewts said...

I really like that Gnome set, never seen that staff before, but it's really cool looking, very BC/Blood Elf looking item. Great and easy set.