Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vogue :: Beauty in the World [Part 1]

Occasionally, people approach me to do costume requests :P I'll be asked to look at a particular item and suggest a mog around it. In this case, my friend Sivation gave me a bow as a starting point, saying only that he was interested in something to match the crystal 'look.' It's often hard to match weapons to outfits, and easier to pick a feature as a starting point. In this case, I went for colour and glow, and I think I've managed to create something quite iconically 'huntery' as a result:

Click for BIG.

I think it is the hat that settles this for me, the single blue feather picking out the various blues across the outfit. There's also the shoulder glow that matches the jewels on the waistband. *Hopefully* this won't mean excessive farming (with the exception of the shoulders which are, I will warn you, a low % drop.) I've done my best to try and offer as many items as possible that aren't hugely hard to grab (the chestpiece and hat are both crafts) and there'll need to be a tier token for the legs, but when Blizzard tell you you're able to farm everywhere at 90, it's time to take their advice and get on out there. Oh, and if you persist for these shoulders, at least for Hunters, they come with an added bonus:

Animation beats ALL, except
in Legendary cloaks ^^

Complete list of items is as follows:

NB: The identical Belt design drops from two bosses in the Black Temple. You could also use Naturalist's Preserving Clinch from Supremus. I've also detailed in a separate post with some shoulder option if you don't fancy farming for an item with a 1% drop rate :D

[*] It transpires that this item is BoP only for Blacksmiths. However, there are two alternatives:

Jessera's Fungus Lined Hauberk is Alliance only and a quest reward.
Oversized Ogre Hauberk is from a Broken questline in Nagrand.

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Darkbrew said...

I'm using that bow with the Dragonscale set, but I love the look of this set.

Going to try and get it for my Draenei now.