Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vogue :: Back in Black

Oh, the possibilities.

I would like to ask Blizzard, when they finally get around to sorting out Transmogrification somewhere I suspect around Patch 6.3, to give every class the opportunity to purchase plain colour items of armour from a vendor. Ideally, it would be fabulous to be able to dye your own particular pieces, but as the last time someone suggested that it was April 1st I think we might be waiting some time for it to eventually happen. As you can see above, black would be my first choice for everyone I own. Everyone would get trousers, because YOU CAN DO NO WRONG WITH BLACK. It is amazing what one can do with a block of plain colour in terms of awesome mogging.

Those shoulders above came from the Sunwell, by the way, and although they're Shaman gear its still wonderful to have a touch of Warlock for the Hunter (glowing green and purple balls is SO Affliction.). The problem with tier, more often than not, is the fact that it ends up being designed only with that class in mind. That means nature motifs for Druids and animal shizzle for Hunters, which is all well and good but after SEVENTEEN tier sets (and deity knows how many other combinations) there's only so much of the same theme you can stomach without insanity resulting. That does also mean there's an amazing (potential) back catalogue of items at our disposal, and rules have been vastly simplified in terms of what you can use. This chestpiece, although a PvP item, is available for purchase using a tier token from the Isle of Quel'Dailies. There's a good chance this outfit might actually get made as a result :D However, I should warn you, not everything you think you can create is actually possible.

Can't be done :(

There are still many cautionary tales to be told in the land of Potential Moggage. This outfit, for instance, is not craftable unless a) my Rogue was a Leatherworker and b) had existed in the days of Leatherworking specialisations, because this top is BoP from the Elemental branch. The only alternative item is from the starting area in Hellfire, and I lost the option to have this restored many, many years ago. So, I cane up with a suitable alternative, and I'll be highlighting that and my Priest's mog later this week. Then it's off to sort out the Awesome Druid Mog of Awesome and to get that character to 90. I would suspect as part of my coping with nothing to do until Expansion plan will have more than a little to do with Mogging, because 'dressing' each alt has become as much of my process of playing them as doing Farming or going to LFR.

It may seem needless, but I think I've grasped just how enjoyable dressing my bunch has actually become.

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