Saturday, April 05, 2014

To Build a Home :: All Will be Revealed

Yeah. About the Alpha...

Thursday night into Friday morning was Madness. Pure, unadulterated lunacy, with the Alpha Notes stretching to 33 pages of brain-bending alterations to the very fabric of the game we play. Near the top, you'll find this:

See! You need to 'build your own army'

In the blaze of  publicity that accompanied the reveal, it was all about the characters and the parts they play. There was scant regard given to the backdrops or sets, the quests and zones, even professions and pet battles don't exist yet in this Alpha 'client' which is a shame, because of all the things I was most looking forward to hearing about the Garrisons were at the top of the list. They're too busy trying to make sure the players all work, and there's a real sense, for the first time, that the Garrison may look great but its contents are a LONG way from being complete.

Bigger than just one blog post.

I've mentioned before the potential significance of the phrase 'build an army of your own', how this feature could infact be the backbone of the entire Expansion, holding everything together on the narrative side. If we're going to get a SERIES of Blogs on how it all works, I'm beginning to think some of that thought might be justified. It is also likely to explain why NONE of the quest side of things has even made an appearance in the notes thus far, because if everything is linked to everything else.... this could also be something Blizzard actually wants to keep as close to its chest as possible until it's time to test. The complete absence of any data unless it's coming from Mumper also makes me think that the latter of those two assumptions could hold some credence. We learnt before the Alpha Notes were released that fishing quests were being included into the Garrison 'setup' which is a telling admission in itself. If this 'home' is being setup with any kind of hub with professions stuff attached, you'll be spending quite some time there, despite earlier assertions that without an AH or Bank it won't be a place to idle. The next question then becomes how long we have to wait for the Blogs...

With only the scantest of nods to Professions in the Alpha, there is an awful lot missing from our picture of Draenor. Until someone is prepared to provide the answers, all we can really do is wait.

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