Monday, April 07, 2014

This Week, I Will be Mostly :: Words

Documents. LOTS of Documents.


I can now not complain about having nothing to write about, and managed six posts for various places on Saturday alone. Yesterday was filled with me laying the foundations for a 'proper' Garrisons Guide and, as a result, I suspect the next couple of days are going to have many, many words in them. It's kinda nice though, having spent MONTHS having to come up with ideas based on nothing but the *hope* we'd get a client. It does mean I have an absolute shedload of different projects all on the table simultaneously, and there'll need to be some thought applied as to what gets looked at next.

There's also going to be a real effort to get the remaining 85's to 90 as a matter of urgency.


I did promise that once I saw a Client I'd be buying myself an Upgrade, so snacks to Warcraft for releasing this at the start of a month when I actually have some money. After that, it's GOING TO BE THE PRIEST TO 90 this week, married with grinding for Skyshards on the Hunter. I did a couple of hours last night and ended up with 21 cache keys: part of me is tempted to save up a bunch and blitz the Guo-Lai Halls. Last night the Zone was packed: Archaeologists everywhere plus people gathering huge piles of Mogu to destroy. Clearly I'm not the one trying to get Alani to give up the goods. After that's done on P I suspect I may default back to Archaeology to get the last titles, but only if I'm absolutely desperate...

Without further ado, off to start getting the day's word total boosted...

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