Monday, April 21, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly ::
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Something appears to have gone wrong... ^^

I did 4 levels on my Druid yesterday. IN A DAY.

Needs Werk.

It began simply enough: my son wanted to level his Hunter to 90. My Druid was just into 86, my husband wanted to level his priest. So, with some dual screen fernangling we made a 4 man and off we went across Pandaria with P at the helm, running dungeons and piling up quest rewards like they were going out of fashion. Finally, son dinged on the Timeless Isle with me acting as destruction expert. I left my husband at 89 and went to bed, to find he ground the last two hours and now has his Priest from 85-90 IN A DAY. I'm very tempted to let the Druid gain rested for the last half a level she has and then grid out to 90 on Island reset on Wednesday.


That means next up is the Dwarf Hunter, who'll I'll be strapping to the back of a two person rocket later. Then we'll go kill ALL THE RARES and sweep up ALL THE CASH and if this fella can hit 90 this week then that only leaves the Palalalaladin at 85 of the main family and then finally, FINALLY I'll have everyone who began the Expansion at 85 max levelled. There then may be a small moment's pause for celebration once that happens. This then leaves the following to do stuff with:

  • Human Hunter (50 summat) to 90,
  • Draenei Hunter (20 summat) to 90, both by 'traditional' levelling methods.

After that, there's nobody else. Blimey. I'M ALMOST DONE :O

Human Hunter, YOUR TURN COMES.

What this does mean, of course, is that the Alpha Client can go live WHENEVER THE HECK IT WANTS NOW. Assuming it doesn't, and I reckon that could be construed as a fairly safe bet, that will mean that I will be forced to gear everybody to a better standard while I'm waiting which could then get TERRIBLY complicated. I can see lists being written as a result, but frankly anything that stops me having to do Archaeology is fine by me. There's basic provisos like using Timeless Coins for weapons, and making sure everyone has decent rings and trinkets, which will require some Island Time in the evenings, but it shouldn't be utterly impossible to get everyone to a reasonable standard. That's one of the overriding advantages of two accounts and dual boxing.

Needless to say, WATCH THIS SPACE for further developments :D

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kunukia said...

Glad I started following your Twitter. We have some things in common. Multiple hunterzzz, 'dual' boxing (on one machine. I am too lazy to Blog or follow everything closely, so I depend on people like you to tell me about stuff.
Mary @ngakma on Twitter