Monday, April 28, 2014

This Week, I Will be Mostly :: Orinoco Flow


The Garrison Guide is well established. We're still in Theoretical Alpha territory. This means it's probably time to start thinking about what we do in the large space that is going to inevitably exist between

Here -------------------- and -------------------- Then

when 'Then' could either be the Expansion proper, some kind of client I get to participate in, or indeed ANYTHING that will constitute Protracted Actual News. I've deliberately ferried the Garrison stuff off elsewhere because if the last week has taught me anything, it is that saying the same thing over and over again is more than likely going to get you slapped by somebody. This way, if you want to read about it, it'll be primarily elsewhere, and I suspect my Friday feature, pretty much up until the end of this Expansion, will be keeping people up to date with highlights. Needless to say, if you want it as it happens, go bookmark my dedicated Garrisons Site. For everything else? Well, that's a question.


The Druid will now be rested all the way to 90, so tomorrow I will be grabbing the items I need to make this mog a reality (which includes making some Mooncloth *gasp* for both chest-piece and shoulders.) After that, well, who knows frankly. It's not like I don't have a ton of people to level, or loads of potential projects to attack. What I am now aware of is the possibilities the Garrison will offer me, and that as a result I am probably going to want to have more than just P taking part. That means getting some other alts geared to a reasonable standard and being ready to roll on the process when we finally get there, whenever that may eventually be. That's going to mean Mog Hunter, Horde Hunter, Mage and Warlock will get the nod with Rogue as backup because actually, I'm really enjoying pottering with her as well. Actual playing is likely to break out as a result. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Yeah, I committed myself ^^

Then there's the New Blogger Initiative event which kicks off properly on Thursday. I may have committed myself for a *wee* bit of work on this as well, but it's all good. This means you'll see, in the next few weeks, guides from me on Twitter, Podcasting and *gasp* Fan Fiction for those of you that might not feel totally confident using any of these media as a form of self-expression. Hopefully I won't put anyone off, and maybe I'll encourage a few people to start their journeys into larger Universes (because they are, for better and for worse) Needless to say, I'll do my best to be actually helpful. NO REALLY DON'T START BACKING AWAY...

I should at least take some comfort in the fact the US Blog's encouraging players to go to Molten Core.

At Level 90.

Welcome to my world, Blizzard :D


Paul Smith said...

Once Ladril has sorted his bank out he's totally going to start collecting old tier gear :)

Alternative Chat said...

Oooooh good stuffs. If I'm off anywhere I'll give you a shout :D