Monday, April 14, 2014

This Week, I Will Be Mostly :: All The Small Things


It's Week Two of the Easter Holidays in the Alternative Chat household, and my daughter's taken over the front room and built an enormous den with GIANT POLES to support her roof. It was SO good we let her sleep in it last night. No 1. Son now has a decent Warlock Mog and has been gearing his DK for some proper dps increases, and cycled seven miles at the weekend before riding into a brook. Frankly, it's one of the best holidays on record, and despite some people's efforts to spoil the entire thing I am feeling that achievement in game is really of rather secondary importance next to the bike rides and trips out I've made with them over the past week. However, there has been game progress. It's been pretty useful as well.

Dark Ninja Priest.

There'll be two Vogue Mog Posts (at least) this week as the Shaman's as close to done as I am likely to get her (still waiting on a AH drop) and the Priest here finally has the stick from the Pit Of Saron and is 89 from Pet Battles (and FINALLY remembered her HAT.)  I've also designed THREE new mogs for Druid and two Rogues to boot, and there's now a part of me that would like to redesign everybody BECAUSE I CAN. That's going to entirely depend on timing however: needless to say, mogging is a great thing to do with the odds and ends of game I get when on 'holiday.'

Most Excellent Druid Mog.

I have also been quietly trying to get Alani out of the way (STILL only 6 Skyshards *sigh*) and I'll poking things in the Vale to do that again this week... oh, and I suppose I *could* actually try and kill Garrosh in LFR. No. I've not done that yet, because I R NUBZOR.

Once he's dead though, I think I'm going to have a REALLY hard time waiting for the new stuff ^^

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