Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Small Change

Still chicken.

Today, I changed the name of the Guild I've been GM of for over eight years.

There was no consultation period for members. There was no poll to choose an 'alternate' name. There was no attempt to 'persuade' anyone outside of the Officer Channel of this change, but it was ANYTHING but 'imposed.' As the Guildie who used that word once learning the news is more than likely reading this, the following is at least for his benefit. There is a thread on the Website for those who have a legitimate concern as to the name change, where they can register their issues. Should the entire membership subsequently turn around and berate me for this drama-inducing shift of direction, that would at least be progress, because the Guild Website's been pretty much a wasteland for the last year. A lot of this inactivity could be laid at my door because as GM I have been singularly lacking in my motivation for a long time. I should have pushed for this change a year ago, when we lost a number of key influencial players.

As it stands, making a symbolic change like this seemed a good way to reboot the Guild.

Many people have just stopped playing and not said why, while even more have publicly gone to other servers. There are those who have vanished, or those who will simply pop in from time to time, not say or do very much, and pop out again. All of this does not make for a conducive Guild environment. Then there is Raiding, and that has become hugely dependant on a number of people being available not simply to lead raids, but fill the key roles. However, it is never what the Guild was truly about. The fact remains that while there is raiding, there is momentum and interest in the Guild generally. Without raiding there is stagnation and a lot of that has to do with the fact that Officers, in the main, want at least some form of progression. You cannot have progress however without the motivation. This will be the first expansion for many, many years where we have not kept pace with raid content even in its most casual format.

I suspect, in this regard, we're not unlike a lot of Guilds in game right now.

Still Petroleum.

A change like this, at least for me, is academic. Clearly that will not be the same for everyone else. I will also freely admit at this point that I hated the old name because it held associations with the old GM's original plan to make a Guild full of female toons, as a cover for meeting the opposite sex in-game. The plan worked for him, eventually; he's now happily married to someone he met in the Guild. As a result, I didn't have much of an issue picking a new name which matters frankly not one iota to myself. It could have been any of a dozen names, I suppose, it wouldn't have made any difference at all. I'm well aware that the objection that was made this morning was on the point that this looks like nobody was asked and people weren't involved in the process, something that the Guild has always done in the past on such points of 'contention.' In that regard it is perfectly justified, and I'll apologise publicly to anyone who feels I've somehow devalued them or their Guild experience by what might appear to be a coup d'etat but really is just a way to start again.

Just because you weren't consulted doesn't mean you opinion doesn't matter or is irrelevant. Yes, as GM I *could* have set a month long discussion process, and then a month to choose a new name but by then it's June and frankly, we don't have those kinds of timescales anymore if you want to get people motivated. So, a decision was made and nobody objected amongst the Officers, in fact people thought it was a great idea to kickstart enthusiasm and motivation in a period of inactivity that might have spelled the deathknell for the Guild anyway if we didn't start getting some new people in to interact and to return us to the vibrant environment we had during Cataclysm. So, the GM makes the choice, the Officers agreed and we went for it. I paid £15 and we're now Renamed. No, that's that Guild name. Because that's still a nod to the old Guild that was Cotton Candy, but it's a statement of intent. That's why I'm publicly doing this post too. Things change. I know some people don't like it, but I for one am learning to embrace it.

Temporary logo. Still my Guild.

So, this is me standing up for the first time and saying that I'm GM of Renamed, a Smart Casual Raiding/Social Guild on Shadowsong EU, and if you'd like to spend the time before the Expansion hanging with a fabulous bunch of cool and committed individuals, and maybe (but only if you want) killing Garrosh on Flex Mode in the process, we'd love to hear from you. You'll find our Application Form here and hopefully we might see some of you in our ranks as we head into the Summer.

I will also say: if enough people object to the name change, I will pay the £15 to change it back. Watch this Space.


Evlyxx said...

OMG I didn't ever realise you were on Shadowsong EU too :)

Alternative Chat said...

Every day is a School Day \o/

Jim said...

'Renamed' seems like a guild where the GM got fed up with it and wanted to disband it, but couldn't so just trashed the name. Or a bought guild with a random whatever named meant as a bank and not much else. A generic name with little identity you don't get attached to. Could very well be 'Untitled', gives the same feeling of lack of bothering to give something a proper name...

Alternative Chat said...

Jim, I like your style :D That's the best 'Post Most Likely to be Written To Cause Controversy' I've seen for quite some time. But look, I have no way to go check what YOUR Guild is called for inspiration :(

Never mind.

River said...

No one can beat my fav...2 Dollar Horde.

sprowt said...

I knew a guild once called Cunning Stunts (and despite the name, there were some really nice people in it/running it) - we did the odd raid, etc with them but it did cause problems when we'd had a couple of drinks, on vent (you had to be VERY careful how you said it!). Eventually someone complainted about it and Blizz made them change it .. they changed it to "Censored".

I think the new name (if it's not an April Fool!) is certainly eye-catching - it's certainly one I'd do a double take on if I saw it over someones head :p

For some reason I'd completely forgotten you were EU - I'd be tempted to stick in an app just as a casual, to hang out, but I just know I'd not spend enough time there - I don't have enough time to spend on the rest of my characters/guilds, never mind adding more to the mix.

I do like the fact that you advertise yourselves as "smart casual" ... does that mean you have a dress code? :p

sprowt said...

*complainted? LOL .. that was meant to be "complained"

marathal said...

Interesting name change. I belonged to a guild in early Cata where the GM had come back to the server and reformed the guild and named it Revived. I have thought from time to time, what would I ever change mine too. Fates Call is kind of unique in being the only one, well at least until a few guys from the guild created a sister PvP guild on another server.

I do have an old Alliance bank guild GM is Filetmignon, my wife had an alt in there named Scallops.

As a GM it is your right to name the guild what ever you feel like, even if you wanted to call it,
SOme may like it, some will not, in the end people do not join a guild for a name, no matter how clever, they join and stay because of the people running it.

marathal said...

oh bother. forgot HTML tags would change.

The one bank guild is (is Better with Bacon)

The name I typed as an example for you was to call it (my personal piggy bank)

Ronebean said...

Good luck with revitalizing your guild.