Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Like To Get to Know You Well

Introductory Gubbins, LET'S GO!

Hi, I'm the Godmother, and you might remember me from such social networking sites as Twitter and Facebook. I'm here today because I want to alert those of you reading this Blog who haven't yet considered doing something of their own in this particular vein that, starting next month, there's an Initiative being aimed just at you. YES, YOU.

It's true: people like me are going to try and persuade you that blogging about your particular interest isn't just a great idea, it's something you really should start doing right now.

Okay, you have my attention. Now what?

The thing about Advice is... well, it's like having an Opinion, which is pretty fundamental for any successful Blogger. Both these things with capital letters are important and at the same time tricky things to pin down: what suits one person won't fit another. Just because you can do something doesn't mean it'll work for the next individual you speak to, and this makes trying to persuade people that Blogging is for them often a pretty thankless task. However, there is one thing that overcomes all of these potential issues, that will allow you to get away with a lot of stuff you might normally be frowned on for entertaining. That quality is ENTHUSIASM, and it is my specialist subject. I know an awful lot about staying cheerful as a a Warcraft Blogger, especially as there are some really rather unpleasant individuals hiding in the trees in Elwynn Forest.

With enthusiasm, pretty much anything is possible.


That's also where the lovely people at the Newbie Blogger Initiative come in: this will be their third year of existence and their brief, according to the website, is pretty simple:

  • Promote aspiring game bloggers. 
  • Establish a friendly support network to nurture those bloggers. 
  • Create an on-going community for bloggers that’s available 24/7/365.

That's not all there is to it however, there's lots of cool things going with Steam and mentoring too, but the fact remains that the first step remains very much yours as a person to take. I'll tell you now, this is not the easy 'stick some words on a page and walk away' task it may often make itself out to be. There could be tears, and anger, and disbelief too. All those things have happened to me, but you are different, and so you may well discover that writing was what you were born to do and your blogging career will be born in both warmth and brilliance. For what it's worth, I started this blog five years ago as a way to help me reconnect with the world after the birth of my kids. Early last month, I received payment for the first article I'd written for a Warcraft website. After five years, my blog has become a way for me to stand up and say, proudly to to the world, that I'm a Writer for a living.

Okay, I'm not buying a gold-plated Aston Martin any time soon, but it's a start.

Writing is YAY :D

I wanted to contribute to the NBI effort, and so my initial attempt make contact with the powers that be... well, it was a bit of a disaster, all told. I managed to upset someone by being *too* enthusiastic and forgetting the basic rule above. What is right for you may not be right for someone else. If there was one piece of advice therefore I'd offer to anyone wanting to start Blogging for the first time, that would be it, and after that I'd remind you that people will see right through you if you're not anything more than 100% genuine. They do, trust me on this, and that's why if you decide to take the first tentative steps into the blogging world, it is really rather reassuring to know that you are not alone. 

That's where the NBI come in. Go see them now. They have cool stuff for you too. You won't regret it, and it'll give you a chance to make .GIF posts like this.

What are you waiting for?

BLOGGING IS... the Future!


Chris Mills said...

I'm glad you're supporting. I know how much you love giving good advice !

Ok, that was a poke! But really, we're lucky to have you participating. Thanks for being part of this.

Alternative Chat said...

This isn't the response I'd hoped for, but I suppose I only have myself to blame for that.

I hope your event goes well.

Chris Mills said...