Sunday, April 27, 2014

Like Clockwork

Tick tock tick tock...

Been a funny old week, Brian.

We've considered at length the notion of time in this parish, not simply inextricably linked to game immersion, but actual progression. As we find ourselves in what can only be considered as 'the space between' (more on that feature next week) expansions, it's time for some harsh decisions. It's also time to take a deliberate step back and consider the options. For an increasing number of people that means a sub cancellation, at probably the crucial time when cash is needed to allow the game designers the luxury of doing their job and ensuring there'll be an audience there to receive their product 'when it's done.' However, Blizzard have the exits covered: Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3 maintain the familiar imagery burning bright in the brain, to remind the non-Warcraft player their game may not be current, but it's always been here. Let's face it, Warcraft is Kosh Naranek, and if you don't know who that is, shame on you.

I have always been here. TOLD YOU.

There are those who have already planned out the land for the next six months, and those who are already looking at the 'entertainment' provided as diversion and are crying foul. Needless to say, for those of us who remain the planning of previous months is probably pointless, and this will require a considerable rethink for the weeks and months ahead. I've been able to effectively deal with all of the reasons for my week's disquiet too, and as it transpires the World has shown me that actually most people are decent and care and are prepared to think twice about things when they actually matter. As to how I will approach the possibilities... well, that's tomorrow's post, and I don't want to get ahead of myself because suddenly I'm looking having to provide at least another six months of blog space with content that will keep you guys engaged until we have a new game. Yes, I absolutely predict late November now, not simply because it's the beginning of 10 Years of Warcraft. Looking at data mining, it will take that long for everything they've actually promised to be ready and working. No, that's not a criticism, far from it. It's just a statement of fact.

I can totally accept this if the end product is awesome, and I think Blizzard know this time it really is crud or bust.

Like Bart ever learnt... ^^

Someone (quite gleefully I felt) reminded me in the week of the overreaching optimism of my Release Date Competition: if there's nothing some people like better it's pointing out people's shortfalls.[*] To everyone who placed a guess I'd like to apologise for getting your hopes up, because I do feel that I'm at least in part to blame for making myself believe we were getting something when we clearly weren't. My intentions were at least honestly placed, even if the timescale was completely off the ball. However, as I believe was pointed out to me, Blizzard game releases have often closely mirrored the release of Lore novels. Christie Golden's 'War Crimes' is due out on May 6th. You will at least have plenty of time to digest the contents before the game is released.

No, I still won't be reading it ^^

No, just NO.

This is going to be quite a long six months, I'd wager, though I suspect I'll be looking back on it in six months time wondering where the time went. The fact remains, there's a lot of people who are going to need to look at the world a little bit differently in the weeks that follow.

I suspect I will be one of them.


[*] Pretty sure it was meant as a joke, but you can never tell in 140 characters. Like we said at the top, funny old game...


kunukia said...

I am staying subbed. Both accounts. There are many alts. I am finally doing the Argent Tournament for all the mounts and pets. Making bags with my tailor. Finishing some rep grinds. Boring stuff. I like boring.

marathal said...

Yeah, I just don't know what I am going to be doing. I have effectively exhausted Timeless Isle, I routinely Valor cap with nothing to spend it on, so buy up a few pieces of Valor gear to disenchant, then repeat. PvP, is something I occasionally do maybe a day or two a month, and raiding? Well I have tried. I really have. It is just not something I ever want to do ever again.

I think it started in HoF, got better in ToES, and Throne of Thunder was not to bad, except for Tortos. But Siege? It has turned me off raiding forever. I cannot turn my graphics up to where things may be visible to others, so I do not see instant death effects. I love the people in the guild. I will do almost anything for them if I am able. But raiding, is no longer an aspect of the game I find any enjoyment in, and that makes me kind of sad, because I use to love it, even LFR.

If it was not for the daily issues that come with running a large guild, I probably would be one of those taking a break from the game. Possibly even permanently. It really pains me to say that. I have tried working on Alt's, going back and doing old quests, but the passion to do things is waning.

There was a huge push in this expansion, go, go, go, faster faster, consume content, you're not going fast enough, forget that tier, on to the next, gotta unlock them all, and now we wait. Hearthstone? Meh, tried it out in beta, got the mount, moved on. Diablo 3? Played a few days when I got it for free, never been back. Heroes of the storm? I feel will be like another Hearthsotne where peole will play it out and report in blogs for months of beta, and will stomp any new players once it is released. So a pass there for me.

WoW is one of the first games I have played in over 40 years of playing games that has held my attention for almost 5 years. I do not plan on leaving it, the community and friendships are what make it enjoyable and keep me coming back, provided there is something to do.

Maybe I will head back to Dino Island to work on collecting bones for the mount since now I can probably solo most of the critters there.

dobablo said...

Can my launch date guess of April be rolled over to April 2015?

My month-long sub expires this week. I'll probably take a week or two off while planning my next set of short-term goals.

I'd love a ToTC-type instance just about now. No new art assets required. Call it group provings or something like that. If it took 5 guys a week to finish MC then it shouldn't take long to bang out a single-room with some rare mobs captured from around Pandaria.