Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Owe You Nothing

Those are some SERIOUS Stats...

I'm not well (again) and in an attempt not to spend three weeks being incapacitated (and often voiceless) like I was last time, I am deliberately NOT trying to run myself into the ground, despite Blizzard's best efforts to chuck a ton of Alpha Client Gubbins at me (more on that when I am awake and with far more caffeine than I am now.) This means Faffing on a scale that I've not done for some weeks, and it's actually quite therapeutic :D At the top of this list was dropping a not inconsiderable amount of cash on pets from LFR and Raids that I KNOW I have little or no chance of farming successfully at any point in the future. As a result I only require a Viscous Horror and I own everything that's been stuck in a Dungeon since Pandaria began. I realise it's not the cheapest way to do things, but it is sure as heck the most time-efficient, and that's frankly all that matters.

Next on the list: Unborn Val'kyr. That's gonna be fun ^^

And another one's gone, another one's gone...

Priest obligingly hit 90 midweek getting me Pet #100 levelled to 25. Next up will be the Druid, once her Mog is complete, and that won't happen until I've retooled the Rogue (who in a stroke of pure luck is the same faction in Shatt as the legs I picked for her to Mog with :D) This weekend therefore is likely to be filled with sleeping, Paracetamol and the undoubted amount of Faffing required to make all the crafted items for the Rogue and then trying to get Naxx 10 to drop the belt needed first time to complete the ensemble. Like *that's* going to happen. Having said that, it only took nine tries to pick up the Warp Splinter's Thorn in the Botanica, so that's progress.

Expect a MAHOOSIVE series of Mog Posts over Le Weekend.


I've been quietly faffing for a few weeks now on the Horde side of my Server, buying Battle Pets I don't own and levelling Enchanting/Tailoring so that any drops can be efficiently used. Plus, as a Rogue, those 36 lockboxes in the Vanity Bank all got opened. For now, I'm making a decent wage selling bags. It's nice to run old dungeons to boot. It suits my style.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to chainpull Blood Furnace on the Hunter with the Rogue on the second screen for Netherweave... :D


Sue-on-the-farm said...

Your blog has been linked to my Liebster Award Post.

If you haven't been nominated before, consider yourself nominated!

I'm so new to the WoW community I don't dare to presume however, I do enjoy your blog.

Should you wish to participate, by all means, please do. Make up your own second set of eleven questions or copy the ones that were left to me.

Noritam from My Mom Plays Wow

Alternative Chat said...

Thanks for the Nomination, but I've already been nominated three times for this :D