Friday, April 18, 2014

HotS :: Coming Around Again

This isn't Azeroth any more :O

For those of you tuning in expecting the Garrisons feature, it'll be with you later. Promise. For now, however, I appear to have found myself in The Nexus...


This, for the seven or so people on my feed who DON'T know, is Blizzard's MoBa (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Heroes of the Storm, which is also in it's Alpha phase but seems considerably more advanced than the other thing does. I already appear to have upset a few people by being here already, for which I apologise profusely, as I'm hardly what you'd call Pro by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I can already see myself attaching a Post-It note to my screen with all the various keys I'll need to press to not utterly embarrass myself. However, if I can stick at this, it might be the game that stops me keyboard moving once and for all. We shall see.

Just so we're clear. This is what an Alpha looks like. 

I come fresh from my Tutorials and am already well aware my inability to distinguish right from left in stressful situations now has a really good chance of killing me. I like the general idea (far more than I did Hearthstone and I downloaded THAT on the iPad last night ^^), and I also like the fact that James Raynor appears to share my sense of humour ('You had me at 'Hail' got an out loud laugh, for the record.) I am aware that people can buy different Heroes and skins and mounts and all that funky stuff but I'm on a budget here so I suspect it'll be me and Mr R all the way to max level (if I can make it that far) There's also a very real sense of Blizzard not taking itself too seriously (in the Nexus, 'Death is merely a setback') which is going to be a really rather pleasant change from what's become my day job.

It goes without saying, of course, that everything looks ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

May not see a lot of these, MAKE THE MOST OF IT :D

Needless to say, you're likely to hear a bit about this on the Blog as I progress, I'll mark them with a HotS header here and on Twitter so you can easily choose to ignore them if you so desire. I am well aware of the popularity of these 'genre' titles and that they've never appealed to me because, frankly, they have no 'hook' with which to snare me. That's where the Blizzard franchise comes in, of course, that I'm playing in places I already know and with characters that I recognise and associate with, and there we have the old Blizzard magic weaving it's spell, because that's just what they did with Hearthstone and look where that's gone. It is an unbelievably shrewd piece of market capitalisation on Blizzard's part to pitch this where they have, and it is now very easy to see why so many people are interested in a piece of this even at the Alpha stage because, really, it has everything I suspect a MoBa fan would want, and it's wrapped up in Blizzard paper.

What I'll need to do now is actually play it and see just how awful I am. I'll bet you 5g right now I'm going to spend most of my time face down in the dirt.

Welcome to a new Level Grind :D

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