Thursday, April 03, 2014

BETA :: At Last

This is a good way to begin this post:D

Yesterday, amongst an awful lot of noise and stupidity, the first real signs we could be about to move into Beta appeared with the minimum of fuss.

Devs and CM's living together? Who's the Keymaster?

Celestalon and Zarhym will be doing press at the weekend. LIVE press at that, and this normally means only one thing: invasion summat big is on the way. I suspect the choice of venues for interviews is also very deliberate, allowing for the 'right' questions to get answered. There's also the WoW Source 'project' which Morgan Webb will be chairing, and although the announcement didn't come with a set ETA, it will inevitably be chock full of the right type of questions about the Expansion. If I were going to drop a Beta I'd want to accompany it with as much news coverage as possible, after all. This is beginning to look an awful lot like foreshadowing to me.

Oh, and then there's that game that releases tomorrow.

Yeah, that one.

I KNOW Blizzard will never knowingly acknowledge their competition as motivation: Hell, no major company ever will in the modern world, and we can all secretly nod and understand that, like it or not, stealing thunder is what companies like to do from each other. So, this particular title launches tomorrow. That means we could still see something today. I'd say it is a distinct possibility, especially as all I'm seeing in certain timelines is ESO news.

Of course, all of this is idle speculation, as it has been for months now. However, it is undeniable that slowly, inexorably, the fates ARE aligning, and if Blizzard really wants to have this game on the table before Christmas 2014, we need TO ACTUALLY SEE IT SOON. So, whether it be just the PTR for the pre-Expansion event, or the World of Draenor itself, something will eventually have to give. The press at the weekend actually pushes me to believe it is likely to be next week and not this (as Blizzard traditionally like to do stuff BEFORE launches and not after) but after the success of Skyrim I'd say it might even be in Blizzard's best interest to hijack another company's publicity bandwagon too.

Yes, the Beta IS coming. Could it be sooner rather than later?


sprowt said...

*squeeeee* .. I've been kinda keeping a lid on my anticipation for the next expansion (I have a horrible habit of getting over-excited!), but it's starting to build now :p

Release of the beta would possibly explain the current slow-down of connected realms for the next couple of weeks (although it would be nice if we could know that all connections would be sorted prior to launch).

Grimmtooth said...

Given Blizz's current track record, I think it's equally possible that Z and C are announcing that they are handing out open beta invites for Wildstar that they got in a sweet deal with Curse.

And speaking of which, they will announce that the WoW client will integrate with the Curse client to enable realtime downloads of addons, and incidentally WoW will now complain bitterly if you use ElvUI.