Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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Sometimes, you find yourself wondering whether you're playing the same game as the people designing it are actually selling everyone else. That's certainly been the case over the years when Professions often appeared as something of an afterthought. This time around, however, that's probably as far away from the truth as it could be possible to get. Professions are in your face, from the word go, thanks to the Modern Wonder of Garrisons (is there anything they *can't* do?) which, according to that there Mumper Bloke... you'll be able to pick four out of a possible twelve Production or Gathering professions to utilise.

Yeah. FOUR. At least it was when I first wrote this post at lunchtime UK time. By teatime, we'd gotten two more, assuming I'm interpreting this subsequent tweet correctly:


This just gets better and better...

The problem remains however that with such 140 character assertions over something as complicated as Professions is, frankly, HUGE. There is very little (if any) evidence to give us anything other than the basic facts, or what indeed it will mean for all of us who carry ten years worth of Patterns around on a couple of characters because you couldn't do this until now. Needless to say, there are some fairly important questions that need to be asked as a direct result of this statement.

  • Will you be able to disenchant items using your Garrison? If so, how do you level your skill to the maximum (presumably required) of 600 if you don't have the skill BEFORE you choose the Enchanter's Study as an option?
  • The same goes for any gathering skill you could now gain using the same method.
  • Will you be able to retroactively gain patterns from old Professions? Will people even need to?
  • What are the OCD Completists going to do? Will there be counselling?

My gut reaction was (at least at lunchtime) that you'll want to take all three gathering professions plus Enchanting if you don't give a stuff about the Garrisons and just level them for a steady and uninterrupted income for the entirety of the Expansion, with the option to DE everything you don't need for same, but we don't have this confirmed, and until we do I'm betting you'll need to hold that skill personally and NOT have it as a Garrison' standard.' Of course, now we have an extra two to add to that... well, the sky is probably the limit, really. It will depend on what the phrase 'pretty similar to the normal profession' actually means ^^


In fact, based on this, I suspect this would be my levelling order:

P: Leatherworking + Skinning PLUS Enchanting + Fishing + Inscription + Engineering
K (Mage): Enchanting + Tailoring PLUS Inscription + Herbalism + Blacksmithing + Mining
W (Warlock): Alchemy + Jewelcrafting PLUS Enchanting + Mining + Fishing + Herbalism

Of course, if Enchanting doesn't give the DE Skill then there's no point in having it for the Lock or the Hunter, and then I'll probably take Skinning on one and Mining on the other. In fact, the World has become a VERY interesting place in the last 90 minutes...

The starting bit is the key.

What you need to bear in mind with all of this however, is you won't get your six professions from the word go. What you get, as the map here clearly shows from the Alpha Client, is two plots (marked with the 1's) on which your first two Professions buildings will go. Now, this will provide the new player with an interesting dilemma, ESPECIALLY if Enchanting allows you to DE as you travel. Does one pick complementary professions to go with existing ones, or do you pick ones you don't have? Suddenly, all those years of Skinning appears to have come to fruition because if I want to assign a worker for Skinning, he goes to the Barn. As the Barn is provided to you for free as a starter building you'll presumably be able to use that and begin Skinning immediately. I had thought this might give you an advantage, but (of course) I'd forgotten that Miners will have a Mine for raw materials. One presumably also assumes that the Herb Garden, which is the only Building so far in game files you have to repair, will be providing Herbs for those who require them as well, evening out the playing field for all those professions. You have to assume therefore that the Barn will provide Tailors with some kind of source of Cloth as well, as they are the only other profession who require gathering but don't expressly have it built in as a profession.

Thank you to the various people who pointed this out. You should still do skinning, as raw materials sell REALLY well, as a rule :D

However, what it does mean for my Enchanters, who already have the skill regardless of obtaining it from the Garrison, is that there may be no need to initially specialise in the skill which would allow me to pick two completely new professions to Specialise in for additional gold/materials for others. There will therefore be some VERY interesting choices to make when this feature does finally appear for testing...


[*] If I can assign a follower to it, and I can, I assume it counts as something that can therefore happen offline.


Yamael said...

I may be wrong, but from what I understood everyone gets the barn, mine, and garden. This would mean everyone gets access to the skinning, mining and herbalism buildings, then you choose which other buildings you want. If you chose a building from a profession you already have, it gives you a bonus to that profession like shorter or a second cooldown (being able to transmute 2 top tier materials instead of 1 each day), otherwise it provides basic functionality but probably not full access to it (like the building not being able to craft epic gear or the top enchants).

Alternative Chat said...

Nah, I think you're right and I'm wrong. Post amended as a result. TY :D

catinglasses said...

My main has Blacksmithing and Engineering as her professions(this is a left-over from progression raiding in Wrath), her having a mine and not needing to send someone out to get ore.. I may weep. However, how much of the output from these buildings are going to be ear-marked as construction material for your garrison itself?

Alternative Chat said...

@Cat: at the start, most of it I'd wager. Once everything is built, then you'll have raw materials coming out of your ears, presumably ^^

dobablo said...

I would expect that garrisoned professions will not be available in the field. Garrisoned gathering professions would offer resources every so often but I doubt they would let you gather resources from world-spawn nodes otherwise there would be no difference between garrison and player learnt professions.

Based on that logic, I doubt that a garrisoned enchanting profession would allow you to disenchant items.