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ALPHA :: Gone Fishing


So, that will be the Data-mining from the Alpha Client that popped up like magic last night. I see that people are already picking over the data and providing commentators like my good self with a metric crapton of stuff to consider. The most excellent El at El's Extreme Angling has very thoughtfully provided me with some excellent initial data on Warlords Fishing Patterns, and I think looking at this data it may provide some interesting clues as to what all gatherers can expect from this Expansion in light of the changes we have seen confirmed in the Alpha Patch Notes. Firstly, and more importantly, we have different 'versions' of the same fish. I'm going to use El's text verbatim here for speed:

  • Flesh - caught when using the appropriate bait.
  • Small - "requires little skill to catch."
  • Large - presumably the default catch.
  • Enormous - "only caught by experienced anglers."

If, for the sake of argument, these four 'tiers' correspond to a Fisherperson's skill (and you can reasonably assume this will be the case as it will be for mining and herbalism) then a L1 skilled Angler will be pulling up (presumably) a selection of Junk plus Small Fish of the appropriate 'type' dependant on the zone they are fishing in. We also have names for the fish, too:

  • Trash - Crescent Saberfish - "Silvery eel with many, many sharp little teeth."
  • Coastal - Sea Scorpion - "Careful. It could take off one of your fingers with its pincers."
  • Frostfire Ridge (lava) - Fire Ammonite - "A magical 'fish' that lives in lava and looks like a squid in a cone shaped shell."
  • Gorgrond - Jawless Skulker - "A strange fish with no mouth and an unforked tail. Subsists on the life energy of plants."
  • Nagrand (Draenor) - Fat Sleeper - "Ugly and slimy. Surprisingly delicious when cooked."
  • Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor) - Blind Lake Sturgeon - "Lacking eyes, it 'sees' with its long whiskers."
  • Spires of Arak - Abyssal Gulper Eel - "With a ridiculously oversized head and mouth, it can swallow prey bigger than itself."
  • Talador - Blackwater Whiptail - "Has a powerful tail, which it uses to stun its prey."

This means that there's going to be THIRTY TWO types of Fish (potentially) to catch in Draenor: what is not yet apparent is whether all four 'tiers' of fish quality are available to the max skill fisherperson, and (more importantly) if said fish will all have a distinct and (as a result) unique use in Cookery. Then there is the issue of what each type of fish will contribute to the fishing 'model' overall. Frankly it's a ton of speculation that will only be answered when the Client is live. It'd also mean an awful lot of thumbnail artwork ^^

Will animations change to match new character models?

Looking at the fish types themselves, I'm willing to make some initial speculation:

  • You will require a certain number of items of 'flesh' to craft Cookery recipes. Small fish will combine together to give flesh (so you'll need more to make a recipe but it will still be doable), Large will still be less Flesh than the 'Flesh' version, but will still require you to combine items. The 'Flesh' version of the fish will be the optimal item required for Cookery recipes. The Enormous Fish will give multiple 'Flesh' as a default and mean that those with high skill take the least time to catch and cook as a result. So there will be rewards for being skilled before you begin your journey in Draenor.

  • Enormous Fish might well act as carriers for multiple items of use, in the same way as crates currently do in game. So, the Fish effectively acts as a 'container' for other items, as is the case with certain low-level fish already in game.
  • Yields of Fish will Not Matter. If you are only cooking with flesh, and the number of flesh items are randomised on the larger catches, you will require far less fishing time to complete recipes than you do normally with the standardised multiples of five, because (presumably) the number of pieces of flesh per fish will be randomised. Recipes will take progressively longer to complete depending on your skill, so as you become more skilled the time to catch the right fish decreases.

Needless to say, if this is the 'gathering model' for herbalism and mining, I am genuinely very impressed at what Blizzard have come up with to solve the 'problem' of materials for recipes. If this is what rolls out across the board for all Professions, I'd be very, VERY happy indeed :D

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Technically, a squid looks like an amonite without its shell, but people always get that wrong way around, prolly because they don't see amonites in sushi bars.

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